Codesearcher Testimonial Page From Channel Subscribers and Codesearcher Apprentices

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Below are some memorable comments from subscribers or apprentices about our channel, videos, and training, which we are thankful for, because they provide a good word to you of our service unto YaHuWaH:

G.S., Codesearcher Apprentice, October 2018:

I’ve walked 45 yrs or so in this place thinking that no one had eyes to see or ears to hear, then HE brings me to Code searcher apprentice training. Showed me how wrong I was. What a powerful blessing ALL my brothers and sisters here are !!! What a powerful live message from Brother Jonathan on Youtube tonight. Thank you Brother Jonathan and Sister Darla for all that you both do in the NAME of YaHuWaH. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_JRuD7-De8]

I.H., Codesearcher Apprentice, October 2018:

[When] I started listening to Jonathan and Chris a few years back, it gave me hope and when Jonathan started to talk about us being part of the 10 tribes I knew I had found what I was looking for. I have known since I was a child I was part of the tribes but then he went further and showed me the Name above all Names. I may not be the fastest to get how to do the codes but I know they are real and they are true and I love bing part of this code group. I thank YHWH for letting me find a group like this to belong to.

S.S., Codesearcher Apprentice, April 2018:

I don’t think most realize how much their lives will change from what they learn here.  The combination of the codes with ToWRaH teachings is powerful (Dynamo) and so obviously lead by the Ruach ha QoDeSh, which I hope all here now come to recognize, because most don’t know the level to which Darla and Jonathan have committed their lives. My husband has always been skeptical, and my daughter-in-law, was as well (she’s FBI) and so she investigated them and told me (and [my husband]) that they were harmless.  Imagine that, someone telling everyone the work of the Ruach ha QoDeSh is harmless! Lol ?.   I knew it by following Jonathan for years and heard the things he went through, and then by Darla’s writings.  I really love this family and their commitment to the Work in Breaching The Gap that the enemy has been sowing!  Yesterday, when I was ill, my husband put the X files (the old series with Skully and Mulder) and I realized that my son and I both loved that program, which taught you cannot trust the government’s take on anything. Then he marries an FBI agent!… The point is that what we learn here changes your perspective forever! Thanks to Darla and Jonathan’s commitment and Rick’s ingenuity! ShaLoWM!


C.M., New Codesearcher Apprentice, November 2017:

Jonathan’s orientation is filled with many pearls and blessings. YaHuWaH continues to reveal himself in my and my family’s life. It is amazing how He reveals Himself, if you just pay attention. After I got the correct spelling of the axis term from Wendy last night, I reran the table to see if I could find my name. I found it in Exodus. The scripture also revealed where I’m at in my walk as well as a reminder to not complain and remember everything YaHuWaH has done in my life. Between Jonathan’s message about his relationship with Darla, YaHuWaH’s working in my life, I have a new outlook, I see the path ahead, And I realize I’m about to cross the Red Sea. I know the caution forward. I can take the promise land or wonder in the wilderness for 40 more years. I must honor and glory YaHuWaH,without bickering and complaining, take on the yoke that is light, and not lean unto my own understanding. This ministry has been a true blessing to me.

S.S., Codesearcher Subscriber and friend, June 2017:

Congratulations! I just watched your calf come into the world! How precious! Thank you for sharing such a precious event with all of us. I saw Judah I think it was him, but I only saw him for a second. Tell the children I said hello, and I really miss them so much! Your children are probably the nicest, compassionate, most polite and helpful children I’ve ever met. You’ve done a wonderful job of raising them Darla. Children don’t just get to be who they are without a lot of input from their parents, weather it’s good or bad, they tell the world what kind of people raised them, you and Jonathan should be very proud of the job your doing with those children. I pray that Jonathan gets his children back too, he’s a wonderful father and role model for those boys, and a wonderful role model for a daughter. After all she’ll marry a man who will treat her like her mom was treated by her husband. A daddy makes a world of difference in a child’s adult life. It was so good to hear everyone’s voice and watch the baby come into the world! blessings to you all, Shalom family.

P.H., Codesearcher Subscriber, May 2017:

It is to me, that this information could come forth at this time, means a great deal. What is entailed here is a mystery. Unqualified, a mystery. The biblical injunction of a hidden fact, being the province of kings to understand, and I, not a king. How can this be? How to feel about this release of a message, written so long ago, and being now, available from the same story from olden times, to now for a purpose. My families edification? Or mine? Why should I feel this should be mine to see? Is my understanding of this information correct? What do I do with this knowledge? Pray. Seek guidance. Perform ablutions. sacrifice. [ELoHiYM] speaks, we must listen. (From this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=904U2cgE5Vs)

P.E., Codesearcher Apprentice, Apr. 2017:

True teachers of YaHuWaH

M., Codesearcher Subscriber, Apr. 2017:

Fascinating discovery! How can the rabbi not see these things in his own tables? Thank you for posting…. we appreciate all that you and Darla do.


K.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, Apr. 2017:

Great video, YaHuWaH bless you brother….Shalom.


S.B., Codesearcher Apprentice, Apr. 2017:

Would you tell me what translation you are using for these inserts please. It is incredibly powerful. As an example word number 10 you quote says ‘the mighty ones your fathers served the other side of the river’ but the insert says ‘the elohim you fathers served that were on the other side of the flood’ giving the phrase another depth meaning altogether.


C.E., Codesearcher Subscriber, Apr. 2017:

The info and revelation shared in this video teaching changed my life! Thanks Jim! Thank you YAHUAH! (She’s talking about this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J81WMZPeCyY&t=7s)


S.S., Codesearcher Apprentice, Feb. 2017:

My experience of learning Hebrew from the Word of YeHuWaH, so far, has been:

mostly three things: exhilarating, trying, and a new experience in terms of learning a language.  

The letters Aleph to Taw taught me that a language could be alive in a way I had not known. The words showed a picture, that they were a pasture arranging a flock of letters.  

The words are exhilarating because they teach me more about YaHuWaH’s thoughts and how He thinks, and what His will is for me and for everyone.  It is very difficult to explain how that when I was recently quite ill, nauseated to the point of not being able to read, I went back to the flashcards of previous modules and began to review the words, spellings, and meanings and I began to heal.  

I had not asked for help from The Father until I was at my lowest point of my struggle.  Yes, encouragement from others helped, but my actual healing came from YaHuWaH’s words.

It was trying because I was doing the best I could on the modules and prayed before making another attempt on the codes, I kept struggling.  Then I got ill.  I never felt that it was totally physical; nor, did I believe that it was due entirely to sin.   I went through the whole gamut of health care providers who shed no light, though a couple of treatments and medications were helpful.

I began to work meticulously regarding all aspects of my own care to try and make things better.  Then YHWH revealed to me in a dream that He was going to heal me.  I then realized that He was showing me that to progress spiritually and with my studies, aside from spiritual health, it would require work.  It was trying, but it was worth it to adjust my attitude and my self discipline.

Third on my list, is my experience with languages.  I had always excelled in man made languages, Spanish, German, and French (a lot of years invested there), but it was all memorization and I had partial photographic memory.  I lost that aid to memory when I had a deep brain stroke.  In fact, my ability was made worse due to my hearing loss at voice level (not that we are speaking a lot of the Hebrew vocabulary.)  

This language of Hebrew is not akin to the others, even to Latin and Greek.  It is unique and specifically owned by YaHuWaH, because, I believe, it is the heavenly language and it requires the help of the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh to understand it.  

I am so appreciative of learning Hebrew and I will go on to learn even more because I believe it is what YHWH requires of me.  But then again, He knows the desires of our hearts.


E.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, Feb. 2017:

Codesearcher Dot Com [on youtube] is the Only website I know of where a listener can learn as much from comments being answered as from the video itself. Your love for YaHuWaH’s TRUTH to be known to all who are hungry is evident. ShaLoWM, my Sister.


W.C., Codesearcher Apprentice, Feb. 2017:

.I am just loving the lessons on Psalm 119……………..it’s one of my favorites………..Darla did a great job.!……….don’t tell her……..it might go to her head!….LOL  


W.C., Codesearcher Apprentice, Jan. 2017:

Darla, I just want to share how much I enjoyed what you found about Yod Resh Aleph…………………..it is absolutely awesome!! It is beautiful to see how Yahuah is leading you to such depths in His Word…………..it truly is the LIVING WORD! It is so evident that you and Jonathan have very different roles with the code school, and how your methods compliment each other so well…………..it’s great for us students. We get the best of both worlds………….the method of searching the codes from Jonathan, and the method of searching the depth of the Hebrew Word from you……….. I am so blessed to be able to be part of this…………..thank you both so much for pouring your lives into such an amazing revelation from the Father, and for sharing it with us. May Yahuah, the only true One, our Creator, who deserves all honor and praise, be with you…………..I will remember Dawid’s prayer for you and your family. Amein.


P., CodesearcherApprentice, Jan. 2017:

Hello sister, I’m disappointed with myself for not absorbing all the meaning of your teaching on the prayer of DaWiD…Thank you for your teaching, Darla. At the end of the Lesson #19 test when you gave scripture for Shema, I felt it as the Almighty PROCLAIMING DIRECTLY TO ME. Your work is truly anointed!

[My response:  I am so pleased that you are getting the depth at which the Father is downloading to me. I agree it is very deep, and the Father is no respecter of persons. He will give generously and liberally to anyone spending their study time with Him and for the purpose to know more of Him and His language.

Your words are very encouraging to me. And, I’m just so pleased to see you learning so deeply.

DaWiD [saw the connections in root words that we might not YET readily see]. And, he shares it with us. We need to be ever discerning and ever learning, and the amazing thing is that we are learning from KING DaWiD, whose heart was a heart after the Father’s heart. We GET to learn from King DaWiD!! How amazing is that!!

HaLeLuW YaH!! Sister. All praise to the Father who downloads these lessons to me.



E.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, Jan. 2017:

Thank you so much for posting these teaching videos! What blessings!!! I am going to Dr. Suuqiina’s site now, & also Kerry Alexander’s site for music. This is amazing I have been thinking for days of messaging you for info on where I can order music with The True names of YaHuWah & our SAVIOUR !!! THANK YOU, Darla. Shalom

[In response toDr. Suuqiina teaching video, which you can access here: http://12tribesibriy.com/malachi-latter-days-prophecy/]


D.J., Codesearcher Apprentice, Dec. 2016:

“I always love to hear…you are able to combine so much info together to get to the substance that brings the Scriptures to life in such a different way, as i believe He intended.”


A.C., Codesearcher Subscriber, Dec. 2016:

Just discovered you guys and can’t get enough of this fascinating, encouraging information. Thank you! I am looking forward to your other videos to come!


M., Codesearcher Subscriber, Dec. 2016:

Thank you guys for sharing this with the rest of us.


D.R., Codesearcher Subscriber, Dec. 2016:

Hey Darla… Wanted to let both of you know how much your teaching have blessed me and taught me so much. Thank you for your fight. You are blessing more than you know. I’m looking forward to your hebrew class.

W.C., Codesearcher Subscriber, Nov. 2016:

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into code searching, and thank you for teaching others, as well…it is quite a sacrifice you have made for the brethren to learn how wonderful Yahuwah and Yahushuw’ah are…


P.E., Codesearcher Apprentice, November 2016:

Darla, WOW. I am so grateful that I found Jonathan and you and [the] rest of the [Codesearcher Apprentice] group. This has been an amazing time, perhaps the most amazing I’ve ever had in terms of my relationship with YaHuWaH. Nothing specific, just a whole lot more understanding in His nature and AHaB [/love] for us. I have reached the Respite (thank you) and DO NOT yet have a HalleluYaH [English/Hebrew interlinear] scriptures. I will look forward to receiving it. I’ll admit, it’s gotten fairly difficult to read the King James… 🙂

B, Codesearcher Apprentice, November 2016:

I am very impressed how well you have done in your writing and explanations of course material…..I was thinking you are at a professor level or better.


HalleluYah Scriptures, November 2016:

Greetings and HalleluYah Dear Sister,

Lovely to hear from you, we all pray you are well. You have been in our daily prayers and we think of you fondly for you have touched our hearts so deeply. You have enabled us reach so many all over the world and many lives have been changed because of the love you have for His people….

We are humbled and rejoice to come to know you and work with you in this special and urgent project for we know you have the same desire and heart as we do and that is to see His people receive His Word when they cannot afford or have no means or options of affording.

We are prayerful over all the new projects being brought forth for all the people worldwide like the Hebrew/English Edition that has just arrived, this special edition took many years to complete and will change the lives of the Jewish people forever and [many will] receive a free copy.

Many are coming out of paganism and seeking Truth and coming to this project and seeking a free copy and it is a pleasure to help them come to understand Truth and this has only been possible because of believers like you who have a big heart in helping those who are without.

Many of the projects the team has been working on have been completed and we praise the Father for them all. We feel it is so important to proclaim the Names and Truth for His people to be equipped with materials to share with those seeking truth in their own language if possible.

The New Book – Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled, is now printed and we have started sending it out around the world and into Israél. We are now working with a couple of families in Israél who are looking to take stock and work with the project to get them into the hands of those in need of this special edition.

It is so important that the Jewish people get His Word in their own language for there is no paganism in Hebrew. We believe this is prophecy for they have never had His Word in their own language in modern history. This is truly so very special and so important.

The Children’s Book Movie has arrived, we will send a good number into India with the Telugu Cards of Hope and Bookmarks for those in India who cannot speak or read English, this is a wonderful way of spreading the Names and Truth. We are working on other languages for the Cards of Hope, Bookmarks and Children’s Book.

Please continue to pray for protection in all the work in progress for complete and safe arrivals to their destinations and all the volunteers that work as hard as they can to accomplish this most important and good work. We are sending off large shipments to the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica and South Africa as the needs are so very urgent in these areas.

Be assured you are in our daily prayers and we mean this as we take prayer very serious.

Much love and Many Thanks

The HalleluYah Scriptures Team


A., Codesearcher Apprentice, October 2016:

Isaiah 30:20 has been highlighted to me recently: And though [YaHuWaH] gives you he bread of adversity and the water of affliction, Yet your teachers will not be moved into a corner anymore, But your eyes shall see your teachers.” Thank you Jonathan and Darla for being willing vessels to teach these truths.

Blessings be multiplied to you both, A. Apprentice


M.M., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

This is so exciting to see the fruits of you and Darla’s labor–It’s awe inspiring. [ELoHiYM] is working mightily through you both and your students. To really comprehend and grasp the enormity of these codes being the first code revelations known and seen by man in history is astounding. I can’t wait to see your future finds. [ELoHiYM] bless you all:)


N.P.P., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

Just one word: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


M., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

Congratulations Team Codesearcher! Well done [Codesearcher Apprentice] Benjamin… thank you for sharing.

D.J., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

i have noticed such a change in my life and in my relationship with our Father since i have been learning all these truths, especially His name.


J.R., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

I would like to again encourage you and Jonathan.  I can give witness to many of the facts, information, questions, etc you share.  It takes a special people to put information out that opens the doors for criticism and controversy… Be steadfast, immovable.  You are doing great works.

Our response: All to the esteem of YaHuWaH, sister, as His ambassadors and the workers in the field of His harvest.


S.S., Codesearcher Apprentice in 2nd Month of Training, October 2016:

YHWH has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. The codes are one of the best projects you can do to help others and keep your mind focused.

About 2 years ago, maybe more I chose one of those Hebrew letters that Jonathan always read off to learn about. The letter was ‘AYiN and I shared it with my church at a discussion meeting. It was the fact that it meant eye, and that the eye of the Great Shepherd was always on the sheep and the eye of the sheep should always be on the shepherd. I never lost it, because of the truth there.

I am just so grateful that YHWH lead me to Jonathan’s channel those years ago before Jonesboro and that YHWH was stubborn with me to get me to this group at this time, to have all of your as friends and brethren, as well as Rick and Darla. My life is so changing, but it is on that path of Happiness, truth and loving kindness which keeps oil in your set apart lamp.

I say, “Come Elohiym Yeshua, if you are in Nemesis, much the better. Help us to remember that constant communication and repentance, and praising your QaDoSh Name through your Son, Yehushuw’ah is where we want to be and the company could not be finer. AMeiN


T.B., Codesearcher Subscriber, October 2016:

I am stepping out in faith and am going to order the HalleluYah Scriptures with the split of English and Hebrew. I will also be starting to study hebrew through You Tube, “erik”. I noticed it was now on the Web site, really nice! I wanted to thank you for your paper, I really enjoyed it. And it made me really stop and think about  His name. You did a great job!!


W.D., Codesearcher Apprentice Applicant, October 2016:

I am very interested in the codes and what I like about this class/group is that each person has a different perception, a different interest, a different focus which allows everyone to share in YHWH’s Word and prophecy in a broader sense. When I think of His awe-inspiring plans and preparations, I find the Bible codes an incredible, very believable and sanctified part of the message.


E.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, September 2016:

Thank you, Darla for these readings & teachings. I cannot express how you & Jonathan have blessed my life. I came out of the ‘ church’ around 2010, knowing I was missing something extremely important – but not knowing what exactly I was missing – until I found ‘codesearcher dotnet’ a couple months ago!!! It is truly a blessing & honor to partner with you! Even @ the age of 67, one is not too old to learn ‘THE TRUTH’ if she is hungry for it!!! …May you & Jonathan be blessed & all restored, in the [sanctified] name of YAHUSHUA!!!!!!!  From video in the playlist of the reading of Nazarene Israel:


R.W., Codesearcher Apprentice, in 4th Month of Training, September 2016:

Hi, Jonathan and Darla,

Please, find preliminary results of my search under [codesearching table axis term]. Jonathan, I am so grateful to you and YHWH of being able to participate in this amazing journey. I am so happy to be involved. I find this extremely fascinating and intellectually challenging. I am all in.

There is definitely a lot of stuff involved. All the attached additional codes are in the table and in amazing manner; Yeshua [occurs] 5 times and bride [occurs] 10 times, witnesses is crossing axis term, as well. Thank you for the training videos as well. [I] appreciate these. Thank you for your kind and hard work.


S.Y.E.B.Y.H.M, September 2016:

Darla… May YaHuWaH bless you and your loved family and continue to help you my dear brother in Yahushuah’s name amen.

Iwant you to know how much you touch my heart and I am truly purely thankful for your kind blessing and the work you are doing for our ELOHIM Shalom


E.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, September 2016:

Thank you, Darla for these readings & teachings. I cannot express how you & Jonathan have blessed my life. I came out of the ‘ church’ around 2010, knowing I was missing something extremely important – but not knowing what exactly I was missing – until I found ‘codesearcher dotnet’ a couple months ago!!! It is truly a blessing & honor to partner with you! Even @ the age of 67, one is not too old to learn ‘THE TRUTH’ if she is hungry for it!!! I just ordered John B. Wells’ books for myself & my son. May you & Jonathan be blessed & all restored, in the holy name of YAHUSHUA!!!!!!!


K.F., Codesearcher Subscriber, August 2016:


Both Jonathan and you have been a blessing in my life, like the feeling I had was that something is missing. The Spirit led me initially to Jonathan’s videos and I ended up watching all of them. Most of the first month after discovering Jonathan’s YouTube channel I would watch 2 to 3 of them per day on top of working a 9 hr shift 5 to 6 days per week. I was and still am hungry for the truth and feel in my soul that we don’t have much time left and YaHuWaH is calling his people back to him. Both of you have made a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for the late hours and hard work both of you are doing for the Father.

Please send me the paper you wrote. I would love to read it. As this will just add to everything else that I digest from the works that you both do for the Father.

[After reading paper:]

First off, I want to thank you for sending this amazing paper or letter or even I would say it’s a message from the Ruach Ha Qodesh. The whole thing was Excellent! And I know you have put the time in on this one! I just want to let you know that you and Jonathan are LOVED and we really appreciate everything that both of you do for YaHuWaH!

I plan to stay plugged in with both of you because I’ve learned more from the two of you than I have from any other source or person or church. I came out of Babylon 3 years ago and I have strived to learn the truth and to walk righteous ever since. So HalleluYaH!!!


A.K., Codesearcher Subscriber, August 2016:

Ok. I did a test today and it seemed to be fine….Thank you for everything, Darla and Jonathan! I’m really enjoying what we’re learning. Right now I’m wearing a t-Shirt I picked up in Jerusalem, Israel last summer. It says “Hebrew University” on it. Funny thing is, I didn’t know I was going to be learning Hebrew! I always thought it would be too difficult. But the way you folks are teaching us, is making it both doable and a wonderful experience!!


D.J., Codesearcher Apprentice, August 2016:

ShaLoWM my sister!!

I pray that you are all healthy, and that you have gotten a chance to get caught up, from here it looks like you guys are just hammering and motoring through so much, praise YaHuWaH for the strength that He gives us in moments like that, and for all the ‘Angels’ he sends us to help along the way…I know for me, I have found so much of that already through this process, and again I thank you for the work you are doing in HIS true name.

When I started this process, I had heard about the Word being alive, and now I see a lot more of the ways in which this is true, He truly tabernacles with us in an even more direct and intimate way, as He sends his Ruwach HaQodesh to inspire and guide us to discover those things that He had left as an honor for us. We are so blessed in many ways, and I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to strengthen the passion that you both have for this amazing ‘crop’ that you are acting for.

I believe that I am all caught up so far, so I took the software out and have been playing  around with it, WOW! I feel like a little kid with a new toy, or more like a woman that has been waiting to hear from her love, and I am holding the letter in my hands. Yes, exactly like that. I’m looking forward to learning to read the language that my Beloved speaks…

Baruwk YaHuWaH my sister, to you and your family, I can’t tell you what a beautiful light that you have become in my life, I look forward to learning from you each week, as you help me to discover this language of love that my Beloved speaks, thank you.

With love,


L.K., Codesearcher Apprentice, August 2016:

Hi, everyone. I just watched the video, They Have Despised My Name, and I have a question. While I was watching it my emotions went all over the place: ANGER, then SAD, CRYING, THEN ANGER again. Did anyone else feel this way while watching it too???


M., Codesearcher subscriber, Jul. 2016:

[Request:] I would like to clean myself with the pure water, could you send me the paper? [See: https://thecodesearcher.com/2016/07/22/pure-truth-a-prophetic-dream-a-message-for-the-called-out/]

In Yahuwshuwa,



C.C., Codesearcher Subscriber and Apprentice, Jul. 2016:

You have me with chills watching that video module. Amazing what YaHuWaH showed you. All I can say is tears. HalleluYah Praise Yeshua 10,000 times. I love your heart, Darla.

You have me wanting to get in the Word Day and night. I want to have my daughter saying prayers in Hebrew. She is very interested and feels like it’s in her spirit somehow. She is so precious.

Anyway just wanted to say thank you for sharing with such gentle passion what the [Sanctified] Spirit is showing you on this journey. I know you probably want to get up and dance when you find something like that about the language, the lip.  

I can’t wait to get into study to see for myself more of what was being revealed. This is amazing. Every day some treasure/treasures are found in my study. But you hit the jackpot!!  Loving all of this. Thank you again for letting me be a part.  Love you.


M., Codesearcher Subscriber and Apprentice, July 2016:

Where does one begin! The fellowship and knowledge imparted through this ministry has sincerely changed my life. I literally cried after our first official zoom meeting during private prayer thanking The Almighty Father for leading me to such an amazing group of people. I have attended church as a catholic off and on throughout my life and as much as I have always had faith, I have never been touched by the RuWaCx HaQoDeSH in such a powerful, all encompassing way before. I knew through watching this ministry on YouTube that you had a genuine love for The Father and were genuine people and that I would learn some new skills from some nice people. The reality of that has been so much more than I could have ever expected, the amazing love, support, friendship and family environment that has been offered in combination with a program that allows students to absorb, solid, relevant information at a manageable pace has lifted up my spirit.

Through this course I am coming to understand the deeper meanings to Hebrew, that each letter can be represented in Paleo, print, cursive and book print. That each letter has its own meaning and when joined together they don’t just make a word they tell a story. I am coming to understand the origins of Paleo Hebrew and how the characters represent something much deeper. Also, that each letter has a numerical value which in turn adds a whole other dimension to the deeper meaning of the language, it is a living breathing entity with fundamental, spiritual and even mystical applications. I have learnt that a Hebrew word can have a number of meanings and that most are formed from a root word with a core meaning and then expanded upon for variants in meaning. That the Hebrew Aleph-Bet is also made up of 22 consonants that can use vowel points but that these are generally inferred when reading. The Aleph-Bet also uses Five suffixes that are a different shape to their prefix in word formation and Hebrew doesn’t use punctuation. It has also been a revelation to me how much scripture has been changed or misinterpreted to take us further away from the language and meaning imparted by The Father and what he wanted us to know.

I have also learned that the codes (SoD) themselves through the ELS can take a plain text or surface form, symbolic or inspired revelation form collectively known as Pardes.

As I have heard said, we are all meant to be here, and we really are. I wasn’t at all confident coming into this, I don’t know much, if any, scripture by heart, but I now realise I will quickly learn, I was daunted by the prospect of trying to learn Hebrew, but now I realise through the support received all that didn’t matter, Hebrew does come naturally. There is an innate connection to Our ELoHiYM’s language, also, I do have a lot more to offer this ministry than being able to quote scripture by heart, although that is progressing now. I have ideas, a passion to serve The Father and I want to help bring faith based Bible code to people through this ministry and I know that I will be supported in these endeavors. I know that we are all working toward bringing knowledge, love and salvation to people through the esteem Of YaHuWaH, to those who are brought to listen, view and subscribe to The Codesearcher channel. To be a part of this brings me so much joy. Thank you guys.


I.H, Codesearcher Subscriber, July 2016:

I love being part of a group who is sorting through what is written for us and what is just manmade traditions that leads to ruin and not salvation. YaHuWah Baruk you and keep you.


T., Codesearcher Subscriber, June 2016:

As always being a fan of Jonathan’s, and during my first fasting, the greatest truth I was ever to learn was delivered to me by Darla, Broadcasting from the Codesearcher channel, She quietly but confidently was explaining a new and undisclosed, or unrevealed truth, One that I sensed was coming, but was long overdue. In her hand, a new bible had put back our Heavenly Father’s Name, as well as our Messiah’s. So I obtained this new bible, It is called the HallelluYah Scriptures. It was surprisingly easy to read.

Never again will I refer to my master as a “Trans-Littered” nickname. How about their true and Preferred names?


The Abba Father? Elohim Yahuwah…

Our Savior? Adonai Yahushuw’a, Ha Mashiach.

The Spirit? Ruach HaQodesh,

I am eternally grateful to the Codesearcher team for making this life-saving change possible.

Love, T


K.F., Codesearcher Subscriber & Candidate for Apprenticeship, June 2016:

“That’s just a confirmation that I needed. Let me explain…I don’t have a lot of dreams but I ended up having a dream a couple of nights ago and the dream involved Jonathan and I working on deciphering codes and discovering hidden truths that we shared with the world. Lately, I have been asking YaHuWaH what will he have me do and letting him know that I willing to do anything for the Kingdom and his Glory. So I sent Jonathan a personal message a few months back letting him know that I’m waiting on something to finally end and it’s now getting close to being finalized. When this happens, I would love to become part of the team. Darla you and Jonathan have been a huge blessing to me in my walk with Yeshua and restoring the name of our Father YaHuWaH. It’s because of both of you that I now know the truth. May Abba continue blessing you and your family for doing his work in these last days.”


K., Codesearcher Subscriber, June 2016:

“May Yahuah bless you folks. I’ve learned much.”


S.Y., Codesearcher Subscriber and Apprentice, June 2016:

“It ‘s SO exciting and very, very special, the very first one!!!  Wow!  I am so excited!

Can’t wait to get in on the next one!

I think this is absolutely fantastic, what you are doing.

Ground breaking!  Wow…history in the making!..

What we are doing is mind boggling…I can’t even think of a comparison to anyone in the bible, it’s so beyond anything Yahuah did with his people previously, on a sustained basis.

I think of things like the writing on the wall in Daniel because we are literally seeing the hand of Yahuah in history, but that only happened to Daniel one time.

With us, we will see the writing on the wall anytime we want and as much of it as we have time in a day to devote to it!

There are surely more examples, but that’s the one that pops first into my mind and maybe it isn’t a really good analogy, IDK.

As for your videos, the [enemy’s minions] must be watching, because anyone can see you and Jonathan have the anointing.

It probably ticks them off!!!  They seek to devise their plans saying who will see us, who will know, right?  Then you and Jonathan come along and it’s all out there for everyone to see!  That alone tells me Yahuah’s divine hand of protection and blessing are on you…[Well, and] here we all are…history is in the making!  It’s so big I can’t wrap my brain around it!!!!

 What an adventure!!!  Blessings to you, also!

Our response. We serve YaHuWaH, and He is wonderful and to be praised. What He gives to us passes through us to His people. And, it is an honor and our life to serve Him!!!


A.E., Codesearcher Subscriber, 2016:

Hi Darla and Jonathan,

Congrats on the new website! I listen to your Live Stream every Saturday night. You all inspire me to study the Bible more and more and have awakened my spirit to see the truth in what is happening around the globe. And I give to your ministry when possible.

I pray for you and your family daily and I hope life finds you well this week.

I have considered becoming a part of the Codesearcher Team and would love to speak with you all in greater detail. I am in the process of settling into a new home, so it may be too late to join now. I will set up a call via your website if it is possible.

ShaLoWM and you all have a blessed day too!


D.Y., Codesearcher Subscriber and Apprentice, 2016:


Good work brother, best lunch break all week.

S.B., Codesearcher Subscriber, 2016:


[I] missed the last few sessions live, but the archives are great. Thanks for your great work. Yahuwah keep and bless you.


Testimonial Stan, The Prophecy Club, 2016:


You made a DVD with us. Thank you.

I have had many requests to have you back to do an update since the DVD was made in March 2015.

Please call me.


From M.H., subscriber (regarding waiting/wading through some technical issue), 2016:

“…Matt and Darla are worth waiting for.”

M.T. Jr., Codesearcher Subscriber, 2016:

So thankful to have been led to your site. I thank YHWH for you and this ministry. I only wish I had discovered it sooner. Better late than never….it just seems sooooo late! Maranatha.”

B. M., Codesearcher Subscriber and Apprentice, 2016:

Please come and join Darla and Jonathan’s Codesearcher program, guys. It will bless you beyond imagination, [and] the community is amazing….

Thank you sister with all my heart for taking the time to address my questions regarding SHaBaT, it is such an important issue and one that I would like to get right, you have definitely pointed me in the right direction toward the narrow path.  I will study the information you shared with me and pray for clarity of mind and the ShaMaYiM to receive illumination.

YaHuWaH bless your house and bring much love to you and your family. ShaLoWM.