Ministries Recognition

We want to recognize these restoration ministries–those ministries returning to the Father and His House Rules. Not all are waking up from all the deceptions in the same way and in the same time frame. But, as they learn in Restoration to restore truth, we want to encourage you to to keep seeking and keep serving the Father in your ministries.

To the musicians, thank you for allowing us to use your music ministry on our website and youtube channel.

Mark Manning, Messenger of the Name:

Eric Bissell, Teaching the 12 Tribes Paleo Hebrew: Eriktology

Troy Miller, Restoring the Calendar of YHWH:

Darla Wright:

Under Construction, Coming Soon!!

Alan Horvath:

Doug Hamp:

Followers of YaH:

Don’t miss these two series:

They Have Despised My Name (4 parts, less than one hour to watch):

The Imposter (34 10-minute videos):

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon: