Code of Conduct (Step 2 of 4)


Codesearcher Code of Conduct

Awesome! Just a few more things and we can get started. As a student of mine, I ask you to agree to the following:

  • You agree to follow my specific instruction in the study and search of the scripture codes. While extremely fulfilling and exciting, I have discovered codesearching is a solemn responsibility. It requires certain discipline which you will be trained in personally by me. (We truly are doing work of YaHuWaH and we take this calling seriously.)
  • You agree to avoid anything which can even be remotely considered divination using codesearching. Divination in any form is sin. But with bible codes? It is extremely dangerous for yourself and more importantly, for others. Don’t be deceived, divination is not harmless entertainment or an alternate source of wisdom. It is of Satan. He seeks to deceive, lie and confuse.
  • You agree to not use my name or the fact you are a student in this program or to publicly promote your own bible code research work or start your own bible code school without my written consent. I consider promotion using my name or the logos of the training a privilege which is earned. Once you are certified as a Codesearcher, I will give you my written consent. However, I have the right to withdraw it in the future at my discretion. Under the unfortunate circumstance I must withdraw my consent, you agree to remove all references to my name and logos of the training.
  • You agree to never disparage (i.e. say things that would hurt the person if they heard them) anyone involved in the program, either publicly or privately. This means Jonathan and Darla and fellow students. And if you do have an issue with someone, you agree to address it privately with Jonathan or Darla.
  • You agree not to share the training materials, or software or your login credentials with anyone.

That’s fair, isn’t it? All I’m basically asking is you respect the work. Respect YaHuWaH.

Bless you for your participation in this endeavor. May YaHuWaH bless you and give to the insight and wisdom to uncover great things in His blessed name.

By clicking the button below you, you agree to abide by this Codesearcher code of conduct.

Yes Jonathan, I agree. Let”s get started