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From the desks of the Codesearcher and 12TribesIbriy Restoration Ministries


 Do you remember the unabashed JOY of learning to read and spell your first words?


I remember. Like it was yesterday. Cat. Dog. Fox. Mom. Dad. While indescribable, you do remember the feeling, yes?

Then of course, the day you learned to spell your own name… WOW!

Now THAT was a day to be remembered!

At some point, my guess is someone… maybe it was a teacher or maybe it was your mother… put a deck of flashcards in your hands. Or it could have been wooden blocks with the alphabet imprinted on them.

Then what happened?

A WHOLE NEW AMAZING WORLD opened up for you…

In your hands, the letters went from being something abstract, to something concrete, something tangible and meaningful

That’s when your learning REALLY took off. Once those cards were in your hands, I’ll bet no one could take them away.

They were a learning tool, yes.

But they were also a toy. They were a game. The best part is they made learning the alphabet fun, easy and most of all…

The learning stuck…!

It’s what helped you acquire the skills to do what you’re doing, effortlessly: reading this page right now.

Those cards or blocks made the joy of learning last a lifetime. They inspired you to learn!!

Quick story:

When Jonathan and I started the Codesearcher Apprentice program, one of the things that was essential was that we show the Codesearchers how to read the Hebrew alphabet.

It might seem like it’s no easy task. But, our Apprentices were busy figuring out ways to recreate that preschool experience at an adult level for themselves.

And, they have found their efforts to be very rewarding.

As an adult, as someone who seeks to discover and restore the lost knowledge and wisdom of our Father, learning the Paleo Hebrew alphabet and language is not just intellectually rewarding… it’s spiritually fulfilling, and it’s fun!! 

And any of our working Apprentices can tell you that something profound happens when you really “get” the meaning of a letter, it changes our understanding of the word, and it can change our understanding of a whole verse of scripture.

If you’ve never experienced it, it changes your life. It changes your soul.

Each week in class as we’ve revealed new letters and new words, we’ve seen something that made us curious and very excited…

To help them learn and remember, on their own, the students would frequently create their own version of flashcards on paper or even make wooden blocks to help them learn and remember.

(We could tell, these particular students REALLY wanted to learn the alphabet.)

They made their own flashcards as if it was totally natural to them. Candidly, we were pretty humbled by our students’ ambition.

“That’s a wonderful idea!” I thought to myself. I vowed once the Codesearcher school was up and going, I’d come up with a way to offer flashcards to people who wanted to learn Hebrew–the true language of creation.



22 Essential Reasons Why You Should Learn Hebrew and Paleo Hebrew…

  1. You will be able to learn to discern and to know exactly what יהוה (YaHuWaH) said, rather that what translators and pastors said that He said. We are bringing our best efforts in service to the Father.

  2. We can learn the Father’s language. (Remember how babies learn language? They learn from their parents. We are adopted. Should we not come as little children and learn the language of our Father? Of our true and rightful heritage??)stele-de-mesha-moabite-stone

  3. We can examine the work of the translators. Translators interpret, often influencing what they pen, due to their own cultural and personal beliefs. We want to get the true and pure meaning, having it revealed to us by the Father through His own word, and the objective meanings of the Hebrew words, meanings that can be verified through dictionaries, just like as we we’re trained to discover the meanings of English words, when we were in school.

  4. We can learn the significance of words, their meanings, word changes, nuances and Hebraic idioms.  (For instance, in English we just learn that Abram’s name is changed to Abraham. We are not taught that Abram means exalted father, but ABRaHaM means they fly, they soar, they are strong.)

  5. To search for the things that יהוה (YaHuWaH) has hidden for those who will seek to please Him, to serve Him, and to restore all the Father wants restored

  6. To study to show ourselves approved. And to be able to rightly divide the word of Truth…the truly infallible Hebrew scriptures.

  7. Because it’s fun and exciting…

  8. Because it takes us to a deeper level of intimacy with the Father. You will experience a more personal relationship with the Father…yahuwshua-dead-sea-scrolls

  9. Time and effort into learning will be rewarded as effort to share the Father’s love and redemption through His Son with the world, in amazing new ministry opportunities with others…

  10. Like those in the wilderness, being led by יהוה, you will feel that the cloud is moving and that you are following Him, when you begin to learn the Father’s language…

  11. So that we can prosper in all we do: “Therefore you shall guard the words of this covenant, and do them, so that you prosper in all that you do.” Deut. 29:9

  12. To not stumble, to not fall, to not be broken, and to not be snared and taken: Isaiah 8:16: “And many among them shall stumble and fall, and be broken and snared and taken.”

  13. To learn how to arrange the letters, like our Messiah knew.

    “And about the middle of the festival יהושע went up into the Set-apart Place, and He was teaching. And the Yehuḏim were marveling, saying, “How does this Man know letters, not having learned? יהושע answered them and said, “My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me.” (John 7:14-16)

  14. To learn so that you can teach, as the Messiah did.

  15. To be a part of the discovery of the revealed words and the unsealing of the book: “And he said, “Go, Dani’ĕl, for the words are hidden and sealed till the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:9)

  16. To be position ourselves to know what the seven peals of thunder speak: “And when the seven thunders spoke their sounds, I was about to write, but I heard a voice from the heaven saying to me, “Seal up what the seven thunders spoke, and do not write them.” (Rev. 10:4)moabite-stone-with-face

  17. Because it’s part of what the Father has prepared for us.

  18. Because in other generations, it was not made known to the sons of men and women, as it has now been revealed to His sanctified prophets and prophets/speakers/spokesmen in the Spirit. (Gal. 3:5)

  19. According to rabbi (Jewish teacher) Alon Anava, who had a near death experience about 13 years ago, the only language in Heaven is Hebrew. It behooves us to learn the pure language.

  20. To restore the things of the Father and come into unity with the remnant who serve the Father.

  21. To come to realize just how special the Hebrew language is
  22. To have the hidden things made plain for you.

“In the beginning was the Word…”

I wanted to create Hebrew alphabet flashcards for our students but with a unique twist

You see, one of my fondest brothers and sisters in YaHuWaH is Eric Bissell and his wife, Karen. Eric has discovered some profoundly amazing revelations in his work with studying and teaching Hebrew.

It’s called Paleo Hebrew…

… Do you want to learn the Hebrew alphabet and the language of the Scriptures at the deepest levels of insight and meaning?

… Do you want to learn the ALePh BeT that the Torah itself was written in?

… Do you want to learn the ALePh BeT that the Ten Commandments were written in?

“And Moses and 10 Commandments with Paleo Hebrew Languagehe gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of Elohim.” – Exodus 31:18

Imagine… Paleo Hebrew written with the finger of Elohim.

With the help of Eric and Karen Bissell, daily I’m watching one of my dreams for the remnant people of YHWH come true.



Paleo Hebrew Flashcards



To me as well as to others, The Paleo Hebrew Flashcards have been nothing less than a blessing for learning and teaching Paleo Hebrew – the Language of Our Father.



All of a sudden, the Paleo Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew language and all its esteem and meaning comes alive.letters-14

Sure, you can also learn the letters on your PC, but there’s something powerful about actually holding them in your hands.

… Much like Moses holding the two stone tablets in his hand.

… Much like early Israelites engraving scripture upon rocks for time immemorial.

I’m sure you appreciate: The Paleo Hebrew ALePh BeT was given to us by The Father. It’s THE LANGUAGE upon which other languages are derived. (Including Egyption and Arabic and Greek. And even some native American languages.)

Component #1: Paleo Hebrew 
AlephBet Flashcards

That’s why we created flashcards. Based upon our experience, it’s one of the easiest, fastest and most fun ways to learn the Paleo Hebrew language.IMG_1692 (1)

Trust me, knowing the letters, being able to translate the Bible into its foundational Hebrew meaning is a true skill. A learnable skill.

The flashcards can be a tremendous resource to you. They host the Paleo Hebrew letters in the Eriktology font, as well as share the porto-canaanite script, versions you will see in the dead sea scrolls, and the modern Hebrew, for comparison. 

Restoration is very significant, and these cards greatly increase your ability to assimilate the information.


As you focus in on and analyze each verse, each word, and each letter in Hebrew, revelations abound.

And it just doesn’t stop there, with an intellectual understanding.

There’s often a spiritual understanding–one that rocks you to your core.

For instance, the word “LORD” in the King James Bible is actually a replacement of the Father’s real name. (Yes, He does have one!)

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, we see His Name written in Paleo Hebrew, with these letters:


That information is very available to the Hebrew speaking world who wants to avail themselves of this knowledge.

And if you understood each letter of His Name, at a fundamental level, the way Moses and the Israelites knew them, you’d discover (reading from left to right):


Where else have you heard about a hand and nail in the bible?

That’s right, our Savior.

Imagine, our Savior’s sacrifice is encoded into our Father’s real name!letters-8

Incredible, isn’t it?

But it goes deeper. Much deeper. 

Your eyes are about to be opened…

There are 22 large flashcards, each imprinted with all the information needed to decode, understand and appreciate each letter in all its glory and relevancy to The Word. Again, the knowledge is verifiable and repeatable. It is objectively available to all who want to know it. Since this photo was taken, these cards underwent a huge improvement. They are very thorough and a huge improvement, and they are very professionally printed. We’ll take new pictures soon, or perhaps even use one that you might choose to send to us.

These flashcards are glossy, durable, high-quality, professionally-printed in black. Just like playing cards.

They should last you a very long time.

Component #2: HalleluYah Scriptures Hope Witness Cards

Eric Bissell mentions in his Eriktology course on the Paleo Hebrew that the way we learn the letters most easily is to incorporate them into our world, put them around us so that we see them frequently, and begin to think on them.

As a free gift to say thank you, I’m including some professionally printed hope witness cards from HalleluYah Scriptures. These HalleluYah Scriptures have the name of YHWH and YauWShu’A in the paleo Hebrew font, and you can use them to help you with your memorization and learning of the Father and Son’s real Hebrew names. 

Personally, I see these cards, as well as the letters and their meanings, as tools to help me stay spiritually grounded throughout the day.

Just by seeing them and contemplating what they mean, I’ll be spiritually uplifted.



I’ve gotten so comfortable with thinking in terms of Paleo Hebrew letters and words, and going back and forth between the Paleo letters and the modern Hebrew letters. 

I study with the Paleo Hebrew letters when I study my scriptures, and just this one simple act grounds me. It centers me. It’s a constant reminder of His Word. 

When I study our Father’s Word, using the Paleo Hebrew, I am swimming in very deep waters of the Father. These letters are amazing for using to teach our children, as well. And, they can be used as painting stencils, as well. 

You can put them on a magnet board with some magnet dots cut from a magnet strip.

Use your imagination. There are dozens of ways to use these cards.

And, while supplies last, I will send a bracelet from HalleluYah Scriptures that has the Father and the Son’s names on them in Paleo Hebrew.

IMG_1691 (1) 


Component #3: Special Eric Bissell Video…
“Paleo Hebrew So Simple Even a Child Can Learn It”

As a part of the Paleo Hebrew Learning Kit, you’re also going to get training from Eric Bissell himself.

Eric has created this training on video, specifically designed for people just starting out learning Paleo Hebrew.letters-13

If you know Eric, you know how knowledgeable he is about Paleo Hebrew. 

He’s brilliant–Especially when it comes to connecting the dots between the letters themselves, their meanings, their application to scripture.

That stated, Eric can go quite deep. It can get a little overwhelming, especially for people new to Paleo Hebrew.

That’s why he created this special video. It gives you a roadmap to the language so that you can jump in with both feet.


Component #4: Eric Bissell’s Paleo Hebrew Eriktology Font 

I, as well as other people, have struggled trying to write documents in Paleo Hebrew. That’s why I was overjoyed that Eric gave me permission, as a part of this package, to include the Paleo Hebrew font for computer work. 

This means if you want to write in Paleo Hebrew on a computer, you now can.The font is easy to install. You can use it in Word, in Power Point, on a Mac, on a PC. It doesn’t matter. You can use it anywhere. 

This font installs easily, without requiring additional programs. It’s a truetype font. This font is yours free when you order the Paleo Hebrew Learning Kit. Go ahead and order now.

Order Now

How much is the Paleo Hebrew Flashcards set worth?

With this set of flashcards…

* You’ll have a better appreciation of scripture–His word will come alive…

* You’ll learn Paleo Hebrew that much faster and easier…

* Maybe more importantly, this set will allow you to grow into  a deeper connection with the Father.

From my perspective, the ability to know, understand and remember Paleo Hebrew is a PRICELESS gift. 

We created these cards because we want to share that incredible gift with you. And the best way is as the Father suggests…

“Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom
of Elohim as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.” –  Luke 18:17 

So in context, the introductory price of $27 is affordable, if not inexpensive. 

And I’m sure, if your heart is with the Father in this, He’ll find a way to make the funds available to you.

In that, I trust and pray.

So go ahead and place your order now.




 The price includes shipping and handling. 

Important: This offer is valid for United States residents only. If you are not in the US, please contact me, Darla Anderson at and we’ll make other arrangements.

The Paleo Hebrew Eriktology letter font, compiled by Eric Bissell, captures the real letter fonts found in various archaeological artifacts. He used the best symbol to describe each Hebrew letter. 

To order the Paleo Hebrew Eriktology letter flashcards, with extensive and thorough definitions and concepts researched by Darla Anderson, you must order your flashcard set here. So order your set now. If the Father inspires you, order additional sets for family and friends. This would make an amazing gift for anyone you know who has a heart for learning Hebrew. 

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order our Paleo Hebrew Flashcards and see how your experience with The Word of Our Father is enhanced. I believe it will change your life. Spiritually and otherwise.

No matter what, I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. You have a full 60 days to decide if you want to keep these Flashcards.

So there’s no risk. If your Paleo Hebrew Learning Kit isn’t everything that I’ve said, feel free to send it back to me (in new condition) and you’ll receive a full refund. 

I can’t be any fairer than that.

These letters are designed to work hand in hand with the Eriktology course  from Eric Bissell (recorded in 2011), which you can watch freely on YouTube. (A portion of each sale will be donated to Eric and Karen Bissell to thank them for their ongoing hearts open to the people of YaHuWaH, to teach His pure language.)

A Personal Message 
from Eric and Karen Bissell

“Our desire and goal is for you to learn Paleo Hebrew. It’ll enhance your understanding of scripture and the words of Our Father. 
The minute I heard about Darla’s project, she had our full endorsement.
In fact, we are working on putting together a special training in Paleo Hebrew for those wanting to learn, and we expect to be starting that course in January.”

That’s just so great!!… The newest and best training course in Paleo Hebrew from the best teacher of the language that I know…

What else can you do with
the Paleo Hebrew Flashcards?

… You can use the flashcards as a resource to decipher the true meanings behind the letters used in a Hebrew word…

… You can play learning or memorization games with the letters…

… You can use the flashcards to memorize the letters and their various meanings…

… You can teach Paleo Hebrew to your family and loved ones…

… You can use the letters as a guide to learn to paint them. Share your flare for art and your zeal for the Father’s Word. 

… You can make “a word of the day” or the week and have it be a reminder for you to reflect on…

… You can display the letters in plain view as a reminder of what you’re learning every day…

… You can use the letters to make words or names or places…

… You can live your life through a letter for each day of the week, focusing on the concepts in the letter…

Our Paleo Hebrew Flashcards are for you if…

… You desire to know The Word at its very essence, its very core, its very heart…

… You’re a student of Eric Bissell and Eriktology…

… You’re a student of Codesearcher Jonathan Wright…

… You’re a student learning Paleo Hebrew…

… You desire to have a closer, more personal relationship with the Father…

… The Father’s Spoken and Written Word is the Pearl of Great Price to you…

… The Father is calling you into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him…

… You’re felt a call to know the pure truth…

Such is the unbounded joy of learning the AlephBet.

The Father says many times about how He has hidden His sanctified things. And, He Hid them for a certain group–for those called to seek Him and to serve Him. Are YOU one of them?

“For whatever is hidden shall be revealed, and whatever is secret shall be known and come to light.” – Luke 8:17 

“Call unto Me, and I shall answer you, and show you great and inaccessible matters, which you have not known.” – Jeremiah 33:3 

“The secret matters belong to יהוה our Elohim, but what is revealed belongs to us and to our children forever…” – Deuteronomy 29:29 

“This is what the יהוה says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” – Jeremiah 6:16

“And He changes the times and the seasons. He removes sovereigns and raises up sovereigns. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who possess understanding. He reveals deep and secret matters. He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him.” – Daniel 2:21, 22 

“It is the esteem of Elohim to hide a matter, And the esteem of sovereigns [translated word sovereigns also means those who take counsel] to search out a matter.” – Proverbs 25:2

“For the Master יהוה does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets [it also means the speakers, the spokesmen–translations].” – Amos 3:7: 

Are you one of the people for whom our Father’s will is to share his deepest, most secret, most inaccessible matters? 

If so, with our Paleo Hebrew Flashcards in your hands, the training will help you spiritually. Not just to remember, but to DECODE the Father’s true meaning and intent of His words.

So go ahead and order your Paleo Hebrew Learning Kit now. I currently have learning kits in stock ready to send you yours. 




May the Father  יהוה bless you.


The Codesearcher and 12TribesIbriy Ministries

P.S. DID YOU KNOW one of the original bible scholars who translated Hebrew scripture into the FIRST King James Bible complained the English language was ill-equipped to deal with the power of the Hebrew language?

It’s true.

There is such meaning, such insight, such relevancy, SUCH POWER in the Hebrew AlephBeT–English does not do it justice. 

You deserve to know The Word at the deepest levels. You deserve to have it written on your heart.

And the Codesearcher Paleo Hebrew Flashcards can help make that a reality.

Go ahead and order yours now.




P.S.S. As a special gift, I would like to offer you something that’s near and dear to my heart. 

It’s a prayer from the Scriptures, and it’s a very powerful tool!! 

There was a time in my life that was very difficult for my children and me. And, as we clung to the Father, He consoled us with this four-worded scripture that is a prayer. The context of the story is that before he was king, David had to contend with a very abusive and envious opponent, King Saul. And, David prayed this prayer to the Father.


It’s the words of King David, as he prayed for the Father to see and to defend him, and because of the strength of his relationship to the Father, to consider his quarrel.

This prayer is excellent for both children and adults to remember and to learn.

This beautiful prayer, very colorful and cheerful to look at, is a prayer for those dealing with an enemy, or who has a dispute with someone…. whether that enemy be a person or a matter or a spirit or one’s self.

It is ideal for anyone learning Paleo Hebrew.

The first line is the Father’s Name (read from right to left, and the pronunciation is written on the left for you).

The second line is YeRA, and it means ‘see’.

The third line is W’YeReB. The WaW at the beginning means and. It is a connecting word, like a bridge, or a hook, hooking two things together.

As you can see, hopefully, after the WaW, the two words are the same, except that one is written with an ALePh at the end (looks like our ‘A’ doing a headstand or cartwheel). The word in line three is spelled with a BeT (like our ‘B’). So, YeRA (‘see’) is hooked to (‘and’) YaReB (‘defend’).

The last line of letters is ET-RiYBiY (ree-bee).

ALePh and TaW are the first and last letters of the Hebrew ALePhBeT. It means the beginning and the end (and everything in between). It also means the strength of the covenant, and the sign of the covenant.

RiYBiY means my strife, my quarrel, my controversy, my dispute.

I think this precious prayer is wonderful to learn and to embrace and use in our lives. It’s a great prayer to teach our children. Please download this wonderful prayer and use it in your family, and as you begin to lean the Paleo Hebrew.

And, order your Paleo Hebrew Flashcards, today!! Before you know it, you, too, will be writing prayers and verses in Paleo Hebrew!