There Are 5 Truly Appreciated Ways You Can Help Support Ministry


Thank you so much for inquiring about our Codesearcher ministry, where we are ambassadors of the True ELoHiYM.

Jonathan, here. Before you consider contributing, allow me first to mention a couple of important things.

First and foremost, you just reading the words on this page, you need to know….

You’re a blessing to us

From our hearts, we thank you. In the glorious name of YaHuWShuW’A, may you be blessed as well.

We’re grateful for whatever your contribution. No matter how large or how small, no matter what way you may decide… we’re truly grateful.

As you can tell by our videos we seek only to esteem the Father’s Name and to call out of the system His lost sheep to their true identity and their true purpose. 

Darla and I, we spend several hundred hours a month… studying… researching tables… getting the true Word out and helping others find YaHuWShuW’A.

It’s a full-time commitment. It’s a truth ministry. Other than tending to our small farm and large family, it’s ALL we do. We do not have “jobs”, we do not freelance, neither of us earn a salary.

Many people have asked me,

“What do you need, Jonathan? How can I help?”

Excellent question and we’re glad you asked. There are several ways.

1) First and foremost, the most important thing at this time is you can pray for us and our ministry. That’s the MOST important thing.

As you can imagine, the Satan (Hebrew word that means ‘adversary’) does not want us to get the truth out and we are being spiritually assaulted daily. And, often our broadcasts are hindered.

I’m not complaining… Our Messiah told us that we would have persecution. All I can say is your prayerful support is appreciated.

2) If you want to make more of an impact, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel and sign-up on our email list so we can begin to develop a relationship with you over time.

Here’s our YouTube channel:

And you can subscribe to our email list below:


You can also share the posts and pages on this website on social media. The share buttons at the top of each page make it easy.

We want to share with you everything we’re seeing in the bible codes. We want you a part of our community. YaHuWaH is bringing us together, revealing his Word and raising us up and we want you to be an integral part of it in whatever way you can.

3) Next, if it’s YaHuWaH’s will and you want, a financial donation of whatever amount you think is appropriate would be GREATLY appreciated.

You see, Darla and I spend hundreds of hours every month, searching the tables, researching the Word and training new codesearcher apprentices.

It’s more than a full time commitment. Again, we have no other source of income.

Your generous contribution will go to help keep us focused on researching the Word, on new and updated bible code charts,  it will put food on our family’s table (we have 10 kids between Darla’s family and mine) and it will help us with essential farm and family expenses (two of our children are on the autism spectrum.)

We live very modestly. In other words, not one penny of your money will go towards entertainment or luxury items. Or anything frivolous for that matter.

I hesitate mentioning specific amounts, however people ask. So I’m going to share.

$100 goes a long way in our house. $20 will put enough gas in our truck to go get food for our farm animals. $500 allows our farm animals food (alfalfa as well other things) for the month. $500 will allow us enough to purchase wood to heat our home for the winter. $1000 will purchase groceries for our family for one month. (We live on a rural 11-acre farm in Utah. Our closest neighbor is 2 miles away. And, we have two otherwise homeless brothers living with us.)

Whatever amount you see fit is appreciated. If you could turn it into a monthly commitment, it would relieve our financial stress.

So if you have benefited from our work, if YaHuWaH has opened your eyes regarding the end times using us as vessels, I encourage you to click the Paypal “Donate” button below.

Here is a quote from a brother in YaHuWaH about how he views giving (B. Smith, USA):

“I want to share that I have been doing what I describe in this article methodically. I am telling you that I will never, ever depart from giving First Fruits offering to those I see feeding Yahuwah’s Sheep. I just feel like our Father is so pleased with me when He sees me give Him thanks whenever I get in something and then distribute a portion of that to others.

Some of the best stories are coming back from those on the receiving end. I keep getting back that I am sending them a distribution exactly when they need it. It is sooooo exciting. I am truly experiencing Yahuwah’s excess on this end as well. All around me is abundance and our Father’s unexpected provision. Our Father is able to help us in so many ways that it is hard to imagine; and, it is hard to keep up telling you all here about what He does and His loving provision to the camp of His Kindred; also known as, His Kindness.

We open the way for our Father to include us in His loving provision to the camp when we routinely give thanks and make a without delay distribution to the ones tending His Sheep. HaLeLuW (let us praise) Yahuwah!!”

There’s a whole lot written in the Word about giving with thanksgiving and a cheerful heart, and caring for others, and seeking first the Kingdom of righteousness, and investing in the Kingdom.

Since we are about sharing restoration of the truth of the Word, we wanted to share this video Darla recorded about sowing into the ministry of the servant of YaHuWaH.

You can view this video here:

Thank You for Your Generous Donation and for Partnering with Us in This Ministry… You’re Sowing into the Kingdom of the Way, the Truth, and the Light

$20 Donation

$20 Monthly Donation

$50 Donation

$50 Monthly Donation

$75 Donation

$75 Monthly Donation

$100 Donation

$100 Monthly Donation

Donate What You Can

Help Sponsor an Apprentice for $100/Month

Bless you. Again, whatever you contribute, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.

4) One of the most generous things you can do is help sponsor one of our codesearcher apprentices and their training. Some of our applicants have an abundance of commitment and time, but are short on tuition. Your sponsorship will help pay for their ongoing training and supplies such as books and software.

Help Sponsor an Apprentice for $100/Month

5) Maybe most importantly, we need bible code code searchers. If you’d like to learn how to search the codes the way I search the codes, if you’d like to be personally trained by me in codesearching, we have a CodeSearcher School and you can become our next Codesearcher Apprentice.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of words embedded into the scriptures. I can’t do it alone. I sincerely need your help.

I’m being called to train people. I’m being called to share what I know.

To learn more about it and apply, I encourage you to click the link below:

As you can appreciate, there are so many ways to be involved in this ministry and we encourage you to contribute in whatever way YaHuWaH inspires you.

Lastly, maybe you have a valuable skills, talents or ideas which you would like to contribute to this ministry. We’re open to anything and everything.

The QoDeSh (aka Holy) Spirit is inspiring all sorts of people to commit their time, skills and talents to this ministry. If you’d like to discuss your idea(s), go ahead and reach out to Darla Anderson at

No matter which ways you decide, no matter which way YaHuWaH leads you, thank you and in the name of Yehoshua, bless you and keep you safe in these end times ahead.