The Origins of the Word “Grace”; What is the Truth?

When people say stuff like “Christ = Grace”, it’s a thoughtful sound bite. Easy to remember. Believeable. Definitely programmed into our psyches from the beginning of our Christian lives.

But, is it true?

For your consideration: Let’s examine what “grace” means and it’s origins. and I think you might find something rather shocking.

The origin of the word “grace“:

In the Hebrew of the Tanakh, we find a very common word Chen (Letters Het and Nun), which means: favor.

In the Aramaic, the same word is Tabitha. Letters Tet Bet Yod Taw Aleph. Meaning “pleasant works.”

This word Chen was correctly rendered “favor” in the Old Testament of the American translations (American Standard Version, New American Standard Bible, Smith-Goodspeed Translation, Rotherham Version, New International Version, New World Translation), as well as in the English Ferrar Fenton Translation and New English bible.

However, when “grace” is used, in New Testament Greek, we find the translated word “charis”.

In Latin the word was gratia.

From the English word “grace”, the words “charismatic” and “charity” have been passed down to us.

Why was a foreign word introduced that was adopted from (or identified with) the name of a female pagan diety? (Yes, any dictionary or encyclopaedia will verify this.)

The Greek diety name, Charis, is found in the Greek New Testament, no less than 127 times, and translated as “grace” in the English translations instead of “favor”.

Who was Charis?

She was the wife of Hephaistos, the fire diety. She is identified with Aphrodite, both being names for the glistening dawn, similar to the Sanskrit Ushas, the Dawn diety of the Indians, the Greek diety Eos and daughter of Zeus and Here.

The pagan roots go even deeper. In the plural form “Charites,” what we find are the commonly known “Three Charites” or “Three Graces”. These were three pretty young female deities, either naked or very scantily dressed that were the three daughters of Helios, the Sun diety.

It’s something to think about, the next time we want to consider equating the word “grace” with anything scriptural, especially our Savior. Our bibles are riddled with these translated pagan words.

(There are bibles that remove the pagan words from bibles.)

And remember, in the Tanakh, our Father called meat sacraficed to other dieties an abomination. Plus we are specifically told not to eat it ourselves under no conditions in the New Testament.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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