Malachi Prophecy, Believer’s Code of Conduct, by Dr. Suuqiina

Malachi, Sharing the Code of Conduct Laid Out By the Father, by Dr. Suuqiina

Dr. Suuqiina from Indigenous Messengers speaks about the Code of Conduct expressed to the last days generation in prophecy from the Book of Malachi. It may surprise you to find out that Malachi is not about what we have been told by pastors that it is about. It’s not about putting money into pastors’ pockets weekly. And, it is not about divorcing the wife of our youth, leaving an older woman without her husband to marry a younger woman.

It’s about our relationship to the Father.  Dr. Suuqina goes through this book, chapter by chapter, and gives us something truly impactful and memorable from this book of prophecy. Come hear the Word of the Father, as Dr. Suuquina has a lot to share with all of us in the latter days generation about what this book is really all about.


Iglahliq Suuqiina speaks on Malachi and obedience.

Dr. Suuqiina shares prophecy from the book of Malachi for the latter days generation.


In this video, in Malachi 1, YaHuwaH presents His contention, His quarrel, His strife against the shepherds of His people.

In Malachi, chapter 2, we learn about the bitter curse found not only in Malachi 2:2, but also spoken of in the well known verse in Gen. 12:3:

I will bless those who bless you

“…and whoever curses you I will bitterly curse…”

And yet, with YaHuWaH’s quarrel against the priests and the bitter curse He speaks of in chapter 2, Dr. Suuqiina tells us that there is an amazing promise of blessing in the Prophecy of Malachi, in chapter 3.


Dr. Suuqiina will also tell you about the Father’s wonderful loopholes for His people. And, He also tells us about how special obedience is.


Dr. Suuqina tells us how to restore discernment to ourselves.


He also tells us how to be filled with revelation.


Dr. Suuqiina also tells us where to get the Father’s instructions and wisdom.


And, Dr. Suuqiina will tell you what secret, hidden information the Messiah wrote in the dirt when the people brought the woman they verbally charged with adultery and told Him she must be stoned, as the Word said.


He will also tell you the secret meaning of Capernaum, and what it has to do with the followers of the Messiah.


Dr. Suuqiina will also tell you in this short video about the two kinds of people there are in this world.


And, he will challenge you to bring your very best to the Father each and every day.


You need to watch this video to receive these and many more revelations.


As a second testimony to Dr. Suuquina’s witness of the Word, please study through this Followers of Yah’s playlist:


Other than the pronunciation of the Creator’s Name, we fully agree with Dr. Suuqiina. We applaud the work of Dr. Suuqiina and the his wife in their restoration ministry and serving the Father with their whole heart. There is much to be learned from them.


For further study and clarification, please watch this video, as well:

For more exciting work of Dr. Suuqiina, you can visit his page here:

Message from Darla:


We hope this teaching has been a blessing to your life today, as it is to ours.

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  • Ellen Fisher says:

    Thank you so much for posting these teaching videos! What blessings!!! I am going to Dr. Suuqiina’s site now, & also Kerry Alexander’s site for music. This is amazing I have been thinking for days of messaging you for info on where I can order music with The True names of YaHuWah & our SAVIOUR !!! THANK YOU, Darla *******Shalom

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Thank you, Ellen. We’re happy you were blessed by watching it. Also for ‘YahuWaH music’ we usually just search for that on youtube. There used to not be too many good choices. Now, there’s a lot!! I ordered the Protocol book and the one about the names of YaHuWaH and/or the music that goes with each Hebrew letter. Enjoy the journey!! What awesomeness!!

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