Secrets Within Reach In the Strong’s Concordance

Deep and wonderful and true secrets from the Father’s Word are well within our reach, and they are as close as the Strong’s Concordance. Come check out some of the secret knowledge, as we look at this valuable study tool.



This video was recorded for our Codesearcher Apprentices, and Apprentice Lory and I wanted to make it available to all of you, as well.

In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of how deep the hidden, but available material of the Strong’s Concordance is, and how intensely our Apprentices are studying their Hebrew.


The forward in this book says that all serious bible students should be studying the original language. And, we agree that the only way to know what the Father said is to learn it at the root source language. And, you can learn much from the Strong’s Concordance. After watching this video, we hope you’ll agree that there is so much richness not only in the Strong’s Concordance, but in the language itself. The truth is objective, verifiable, understandable, and repeatable.


May YaHuWaH bless you with knowledge and truth. When you’ve finished the video, if you don’t have a Strong’s Concordance, come back here, and you can order your very own Strong’s Concordance from our Resources page:







  • Dear Code Breakers,
    Keep up the Great Work your doing. WE in America need all the help we can get at this point! If your have found out any thing on Trump, Is he good for us or is he a possible deceiver? Please let us know? Thanks for all your great revelations. Your Friend, Dewain W.

  • Howard Judt says:

    I am a newbie. I want to get the expanded concordance. Do you know the font size? I want to get the flash cards and other items and begin taking advantage of all that you have to offer

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Hi, Howard. You can get your Strong’s Concordance right here: I’m not sure what the font is in the Strong’s Concordance. Also, if you have an interest in taking a Paleo Hebrew course, we are taking names for interest for taking the course. We are planning on getting started in February. And, we have some into material you can look at to see if you would like to take the course. It will be taught by Eric Bissell and me. Just email me if you are interested: Also, I would love to share our sister website, I think there’s a lot of information there that might help you further in learning the true words of our Father. ShaLoWM.

  • Christopher V Brown says:

    How do I become and Apprentice? CVLbrown1968@hma

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Hi, Chris. It’s easy to apply. Just go to

    We look forward to reading your application. Then, you’ll be directed to make an appointment to speak with Jonathan about the training.


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