Father’s Rights Court Case: Help Jonathan Fight His Goliath in this Evil System to Regain His Children

We Need Your Help.

Thank you so much for just your heart of support, as our Jonathan prepares for battle with his Goliath.

Hi, this is Darla. Jonathan is the best dad ever, adopting dad to my children, two of which have autism. He has stepped in and been their father since our marriage in October 2015. It’s just a crime for anyone to say he is an unfit father.

I also want to encourage all dads, moms, singles, subscribers, listeners, supporters, friends, and family, to make whatever donation you can cheerfully give so that the Father may bless you for doing so. Click on the photo and you’ll be taken to our generosity fundraiser site.




Recently, Jonathan made a short video, explaining his battle. You can see Jonathan’s less than 7 minute video right here:


As of Jan. 6th, over 1,700 of his subscribers and viewers have listened as Jonathan talked about his battle for the right to ever see his children, decisions that were made while Jonathan was homeless, due to being forced to leave for no reason, but because mom wanted everything… winner by deception takes all. While this may sound like some crazy story, it’s VERY COMMON by evil attorneys who pull these stunts and their clients. Jonathan was actually never served one court document in his case… because he was homeless.

Because common thievery also happened to Jonathan, he is not going to turn a blind eye to the problem, but we will do all that we can to help parents everywhere who have had their ex force them out of their homes, turn on them, steal the children and everything else, through collusion with their slithering attorneys, and taking everything, including their spouse’s freedoms. You can watch as we begin over the next couple of days to build the new website to help victimized parents and their brainwashed children at www.iwantmykidsbacknow.com.

Two or three viewers suggested that if everyone gave just $10 there would be more than enough money to cover an attorney.
25 people gave something out of those 1700 viewers, Facebook friends, and apprentices from our Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program.


Even $10 shows the Father your heart to be part of overturning the legal system of destroying father’s rights.


We ask you to give what the Father would put on your heart to give to help Jonathan with his fight. And, we thank you.

Many have offered to pray for Jonathan. We need prayer covering, as well, certainly. And, sharing helps, too.


I believe the Father put it on my heart that the opportunity to help Jonathan is for each of us an opportunity to be blessed by His blessings.

YaHuWaH watches the people’s hearts to see who loves. And, that then, when someone makes a donation, YaHuWaH pours a blessing back onto those who can find enough love in their heart to give to help cover the need.

Help dig a brother out of the pit into which he has been thrown.


It’s really an opportunity to believe in the greatness and generosity and provision of the Father, and to show him that we love each other.

So far, we have raised over $1400. And, we have a sponsor who will match that. That makes us just under$47,000 from our goal.

Please donate what you can.

Everyone ought to be able to donate something.

If you love the Father and if you love Jonathan, please be a part of this opportunity to receive a blessing for doing the right, giving thing.

Just click on any of the images of the children, and you’ll be taken to the fundraising page.

wright-boys wright-boys-5



Jonathan and I thank you for helping him fight the battle he has not had the funds to fight as of yet. And, we need and appreciate your prayers.

We ask YaHuWaH to bless you for your donation.




  • Claude Armstrong says:

    My beloved kids, all four, three were young adults and one 5 years, were “stolen” by deception with women’s libers who despise men and my children’s mother’s senior preacher who she was personal executive secretary for. Our marriage was in major time of suffering and largely du to my sence of having failed my family.

    In the end, after her falsified income claim to the Divorce court about my income for which she was bookkeeper, and after I went to the church I was in to ask the leaders to go to her preacher boss who she adores still, the court record was settled. It would have cost me starting @ $15,000.00 to open the case in court, for which I had essentially a homeless status. Only my recent remarriage gave me a home.

    One of the ministers told me after she accepted reality that Father works on both ends when we trust His Divine Authority.

    In these 24 years since her Divorce, I’ve agonized over my financial inability to regain my children’s respect and relationship. Her father was a millionaire and suported her Divorce, now his fortunes are with her and our children, leaving them more financially set.

    It’s all a sham. The One Source is not slack nor slow to establish proper order where wrong is. I have seen families that tried to force reconciliation and make their relationship worse. This is the goal of Deception, to appear good, but the hidden agenda is to destroy permanently.

    In the case of the court, there can be no honesty – ever. The entire court system is a privately held corporation of for profit bankers based at 10 Downing Street in the city state of London, England. The American BAR Association is a franchise under the Welsh BAR Association, and has not one iota of relationship to the legit united States of America, and its Constitution.

    The court does not follow any civil, common law, either. Instead, it follows the Uniform Commercial Code that the Court of 10 Downing Street conducts all world commerce in. Every place on earth that the British empire had any say over, including Japan and China, all the Soviet Union states, all the oil producing nations, and all the South Seas areas is under this UCC code of law in all the world courts, except for islam. Islamics despise and self-conflagrate themselves in their disdain for the UCC. This is why the extreme conflict now under way in the Islam world empire against 10 Downing Street banksters.

    In the united States of America, its governing British Colony is Washington, District of Columbia, a fully owned British Colony. In Canada and Australia, their entire nations’ territories are British Empire Colonies, by their respective constitutions’ provisions. India, China and Japan are similar. Indeed, the Roman Empire lives on today.

    In early A.D. times the Roman War machine met heavy resistance with St/ Patrick, but in the end, now, the city state of The Vatican is the “mother” state of 10 Downing Street, and these two city states, with Washington, D.C., form the three global power brokering locations of this planet under HaSatan.

    This is part of the original Deception of HaSatan for its(I never allow gender recognition for Deception)evil destruction intention for Earth and Man. when you decode the intention by Father to create a creature he more honors than His Angel Realm, you see this extreme jealousy and hatred for His Authority rise in one third of His Heaven’s creatures. he designed them this way, so rather than question the unfathomable, it’s best to accept it is so.

    Enter our separation by deception families. They, unknowingly, went to the Deception powers to get their assumed division. In all reality, they cannot ever gain REAL division eccept they get it from REAL authority!

    Father is the sole holder of REAL Authority!

    Get a REAL handle on this REALITY!!

    In my case, He clearly defines His Eternal Authority as The Authority haSatan, et al, attempt to portray as their having higher authority. In the entire Hebrew Revelations Father shares of His REAL Authority, the best example and one that comforts me best is recorded in Second Kings, chapter 6, beginning at verse eight. I am pasting the Mickelson’s Enhanced Strong’s text and Lexicon keys of this magnificent record of Father’s Sovereign Authority . . .

    He discloses the king of Syria’s counsel
    8 Then the king H4428 of Syria H758 warred H3898 against Israel H3478, and took counsel H3289 with his servants H5650, saying H559, In such H6423 and such H492 a place H4725 [shall be] my camp H8466.2 9 And the man H376 of God H430 sent H7971 unto the king H4428 of Israel H3478, saying H559, Beware H8104 that thou pass H5674 not such H2088 a place H4725; for thither the Syrians H758 are come down H5185. 10 And the king H4428 of Israel H3478 sent H7971 to the place H4725 which the man H376 of God H430 told H559 him and warned H2094 him of, and saved H8104 himself there, not once H259 nor twice H8147. 11 Therefore the heart H3820 of the king H4428 of Syria H758 was sore troubled H5590 for this thing H1697; and he called H7121 his servants H5650, and said H559 unto them, Will ye not shew H5046 me which of us [is] for the king H4428 of Israel H3478? 12 And one H259 of his servants H5650 said H559, None, my lord H113, O king H4428: but Elisha H477, the prophet H5030 that [is] in Israel H3478, telleth H5046 the king H4428 of Israel H3478 the words H1697 that thou speakest H1696 in thy bedchamber H2315 H4904.3
    The army which was sent to Dothan to apprehend Elisha, is smitten with blindness
    13 And he said H559, Go H3212 and spy H7200 where H351 he [is], that I may send H7971 and fetch H3947 him. And it was told H5046 him, saying H559, Behold, [he is] in Dothan H1886. 14 Therefore sent H7971 he thither horses H5483, and chariots H7393, and a great H3515 host H2428: and they came H935 by night H3915, and compassed H5362 the city H5892 about H5362.4 15 And when the servant H8334 of the man H376 of God H430 was risen H6965 early H7925, and gone forth H3318, behold, an host H2428 compassed H5437 the city H5892 both with horses H5483 and chariots H7393. And his servant H5288 said H559 unto him, Alas H162, my master H113! how shall we do H6213?5 16 And he answered H559, Fear H3372 not: for they that [be] with us [are] more H7227 than they that [be] with them. 17 And Elisha H477 prayed H6419, and said H559, LORD H3068, I pray thee, open H6491 his eyes H5869, that he may see H7200. And the LORD H3068 opened H6491 the eyes H5869 of the young man H5288; and he saw H7200: and, behold, the mountain H2022 [was] full H4390 of horses H5483 and chariots H7393 of fire H784 round about H5439 Elisha H477. 18 And when they came down H3381 to him, Elisha H477 prayed H6419 unto the LORD H3068, and said H559, Smite H5221 this people H1471, I pray thee, with blindness H5575. And he smote H5221 them with blindness H5575 according to the word H1697 of Elisha H477.
    Being brought into Samaria, they are dismissed in peace
    19 And Elisha H477 said H559 unto them, This [is] not the way H1870, neither [is] this H2090 the city H5892: follow H3212 H310 me, and I will bring H3212 you to the man H376 whom ye seek H1245. But he led H3212 them to Samaria H8111.6 20 And it came to pass, when they were come H935 into Samaria H8111, that Elisha H477 said H559, LORD H3068, open H6491 the eyes H5869 of these [men], that they may see H7200. And the LORD H3068 opened H6491 their eyes H5869, and they saw H7200; and, behold, [they were] in the midst H8432 of Samaria H8111. 21 And the king H4428 of Israel H3478 said H559 unto Elisha H477, when he saw H7200 them, My father H1, shall I smite H5221 [them]? shall I smite H5221 [them]? 22 And he answered H559, Thou shalt not smite H5221 [them]: wouldest thou smite H5221 those whom thou hast taken captive H7617 with thy sword H2719 and with thy bow H7198? set H7760 bread H3899 and water H4325 before H6440 them, that they may eat H398 and drink H8354, and go H3212 to their master H113. 23 And he prepared H3739 great H1419 provision H3740 for them: and when they had eaten H398 and drunk H8354, he sent them away H7971, and they went H3212 to their master H113. So the bands H1416 of Syria H758 came H935 no more H3254 into the land H776 of Israel H3478.

    In the Final Word Father utters, total reconciliation of ONLY those who choose of their free will is to take place, In my children’s case, the Deception that destroyed their family is to be eradicated, and for each child their own heart will determine their part in the broken home. If I were to force reconciliation, then I would breach Father’s Own Authority. In His Time, His REAL Authority and His REAL Compassion my family will find peace and home.

    Hope this helps to settle your hearts. The courts can never settle any ones’ hearts.

  • Travis Aubrey says:

    Praying for restoration guy : )

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your donation.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Beloved brother Claude, the Father picked you up and put you in a home and family. May He restore to you what has been taken from you. You did what you were moved to do and now Jonathan must do what he is moved to do with or without your agreement. ShaLoWM.

  • Donna Marie says:

    Jonathan I haven’t followed your site much, but I heard you on a radio or tv show this past year, and I thoroughly believe you and I know this is true, in my spirit. As you know, many of us (myself included) have been going through similar things. I have such a low income with SSDI that I qualified for a free attorney to fight eviction (I had to short-sell my house of 9.5 years) moved into an urban loft in Hamilton, OHIO and the management immediately began (deviously) lying about me and trying to get me evicted. I now have a counter-suit against them. The magistrate threw their case completely out of his court because they couldn’t site ONE THING I ever did that was against the contractual agreement – although they had 8 THINGS SITED! (BOTTOM LINE: I am a strong Christian – That’s the basis for their hate, slander, and victimization, and censorship!) I’ve fought for 20 months! It began the WEEK I was 1st moving in and not even unpacked for about 3-4 months! The management was apparently fired – but, they somehow without ever talking with me or my attorney at all – never met them — decided to continue to pursue this! OMG! Ha’satan has seriously been trying to keep us from the work of YHWH – but, I still – in the midst of it all – had a 24-Hour Prayer Walk for YHWH, at His request, 2 days of Memorial Day Weekend last year. I am also seeking help from free attorneys for Federal case (I qualify) if I can get Alliance Defending Freedom or another organization to help. I will pray for you earnestly, my heart goes out for you missing all this time and how these evil people lie and deceive and the kids don’t know. It seems that at least the older one should reach out to you – once kids are certain ages they need to own their sin and repent. I pray he reaches out to you. He can say “NO!” Wish I could send money – you will get it. If YHWH helps me sell some things I have listed I WILL. Shalom … and I believe YOU know that means MUCH MORE than “peace”! 🙂

  • Mary Harris says:

    Ron Penny put out a $100 challenge. I meet your challenge Ron and raised it by $20. lol Bless you all.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Thank you, Mary. YaHuWaH bless you!! I sent you an email this morning.

  • Steven Widell says:

    Hi. Jonathan,
    Don’t forget the white horseman with a crown and the Nobel Peace Prize. And the little horn that supplied arms and funds to the rebels of Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt that plucked Mubarak, Gaddafi, and Ben Ali in 2011. Maybe the Pope is the False Profit.
    I’m waiting for the Ten Days of Awe this fall, the bending of the knee. Take care.

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