Truth: How Can We Truly Know if We’ve Got it?

2,000 Years is a Long Time for the Enemy of Truth to be

Let Loose, For us to not

Challenge the Veracity of what we have been taught….

Do you remember in the Aramaic-speaking film of director, Mel Gibson, “The Passion of the Christ,” Pilate asks his wife, “What is truth”? It’s a very deep question for him, and the answer seemed far away to him.

But, the answer is not far from us.

The Scriptures tell us this.

In another movie, a famous line is: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!”


Well, of course you can!! The truth is beautiful.

This well-known line from the defendant is employed in ministry as a magic special weapon we call a sound byte… a lie from the enemy that he broadcasts through people, over and over again.

Yet, we have heard of pastors saying the same thing about their congregants, as they justify the deceptions: “They can’t handle the truth.”

And, we’ve noticed the enemy hanging around the church memberships A LOT, trying to dissuade them from seeking out the truth.

Did someone mention the wide road that leads to destruction, and the narrow path that leads to life?

Well, how do we know we’re on that narrow path?

Many times, it seems we see people that have adopted a lifestyle philosophy belief system that says, “This is how I worship. This is MY truth.”

However, if it is not scriptural truth, what heavenly court would one approach with that kind of self-counsel/self-defense?

Others say something of this effect: “I know the truth. But, I believe that in order to get people saved, I have to speak with them in the name of lies that they regard to be true. Then, when they give their life over, then we can share the truth with them.”

That’s no truth. That’s tainted with poison, too.

Did you know that a lie cannot live on its own? It has to be attached to a truth in order to thrive and survive. It’s like a virus…

Half Truth And Half Truth Does Not Equal Truth

Similarly, all truth + all truth = ALL TRUTH.

Truth can be discerned. But, we have to be willing to walk in the truth of what we learn. Or, we lose it.  We are required to search out the truth of the Creator’s actual words to us. And then, hear and do. No compromise. A response to walk in obedience and the fruit of the Spirit is required.

Not only are we to walk in the truth. Also, our Father requires that we teach it to our children.

Oh yeah!! There’s a huge responsibility!

And, our witness matters!!

Truth is valid, identifiable, objective, provable, and repeatable.

That’s not where the problem comes in. It comes with people who either don’t search after the truth, or when they are shown the truth, they don’t want it, once it goes against other dogma and doctrines and traditions to which they have aligned themselves.

The people of the Father are sheep, not goats.

That means they WILL hear the Good Shepherd’s voice and follow after Him. They WILL seek training from the Father’s Word. They will always say YES to Him.

Are we living like the Messiah did?

Which Calendar Did He live by?

Would He approve of christian holidays?

Is there any doubt in your mind to Whom you dedicate your life and death to?

How do you know you have not been deceived?

Do you want to make sure that you have examined what you believe and have come out in alliance with the Father and the Son?

Do you know that Rev. 12:17, 14:12, 22:14 in the restored name scriptures includes you?

We invite you to challenge what you believe, and see if your beliefs are the same as those the disciples of the Messiah, the Nazarene lived.

You will find a link here to our sister website, and you can challenge yourself to see if you are worshipping in both spirit and in truth.

Nazarene Israel, The Original Faith of the Apostles

Walking in truth is not for the faint of heart. But, it is for the Father’s peculiar treasure.

We pray that you will take the challenge, and let us know if we can be of any assistance in your walk in truth.

Here, at and at, we have studied and sought the truth of the Scriptures in their original Hebrew form, in order to bring about the restoration of the truth to the people of ELoHiYM.

Now that we train the Codesearchers of tomorrow through the Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program at the Codesearcher Guild of AMaN (which means truth), teaching vigilance in veracity has also become an area where we put so much emphasis. Apprentices ought to shine in the way of discerning and sharing only truth.

And, hey, this is just a place to start…

If you want to learn to discern the actual Hebrew words of our Father, please consider taking our course, beginning in January: Discover the Beauty, the Wonder and the Power of the Hebrew Language. Send Darla an email and ask her to add you to our waiting list. We’ll contact you soon with application instructions.





  • Sandy Schnabel says:

    That was lovely and so true. It is what I quote to my husband. If anything spoken or written has a partial lie to it, it is all a lie. if a lie was a 0 and adding it to something was multiplying something. anytime you multiply something by 0 it equals 0-all the time, in every instance. That is why you can’t camouflage it. You can call it an exaggeration, it’s still a lie. You can call it being kind, it’s still a lie. You can call it bragging, it’s still a lie. We have been taught,in our society, that’s it’s okay to lie in some circumstances. YHWH allows no lying. When our parent said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” it didn’t mean we are supposed to lie, it means we are supposed to be quite. Our forefathers have lied to us for a long time concerning YHWH and I for one am sick of the lies. Father YHWH let truth come forth!

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    AMeiN. There’s nothing to sadden me more than people to say they say the pagan names to people because the people can accept that, though the person knows they are pagan names. Let the truth come forth, YHWH. My sister and I are in agreement on this. Oh, let your people see the truth and see how cunning and deceptive the enemy has been saying, “Let’s not call Him YHWH…. How about just Yah” (etc…..)

  • Claude Armstrong says:

    Interesting to me that this discourse on Truth is tied to the identity of The deity. As we cannot possibly speak or know the identity of Him, then we are left with what he sahres with us about His Name, Title, Identity.

    In a men’s fellowship years ago, just after my wife of 27 years left me, a Jew who Master sent in direct response to my father’plea for Him to send a spiritual scholar to instruct my dear 5 year old daughter (She was a surprise package!) came as a visitor to the Bible study I was in.

    He was a Believer, his mother, a full blood daughter of Aaronic descent, not, but she was a practicing Rabbi. She imparted much of her Hebrew lineage knowledge to her son.

    In his intro he likened Father as one with his babies learning to speak His language, as all us dad’s do, trying to speak on and in the limited terms of our young. He said to us men, most of us at or near grandparent age, “Father recorded His textual word here in His Tanakh. It is His going “Goo-goo, gah-gah” to us so we can comprehend Him on our level, yet know He is much more than we are in the most endearing terms we understand and love Him in.”

    His words stick in my heart!

    Truth. Truth? Can we finite KNOW Truth?

    Did Mother Ishah “Know” Truth” How?

    I wrote a 700 page introduction to Truth as the First People knew it for my family. They’ve never seen or heard of it.

    Ishah did not know Truth. If she had, then no Deception would have divided her attention. Where was Iah? Away!

    Ish did know Truth. He chose to NOT share Truth with Ishah, as when The Deity asked her about eating the forbidden fruit, she repeated the DECEPTION her husband told her – “Do not touch the fruit.”

    It was NOT Ishah’s fault for eating the forbidden, nor for not knowing Truth that in her alone exposure to Deception finally broke down her will to love her husband equal to her self. In her choices, we see the failure of Husband Ish to maintain loving attention to his once cherished wife – as where was he during all the times Deception wooed His Bride?


    Working in his assigned tasks.

    Working where Master told him to.

    Working, NOT tending.

    Not tending to His Greatest Assignment, Family.

    This is the Truth of Master’s return to His Own Redemption in Man’s place for all men to be redeemed from our Deception.


    This treatise on “Truth” relative to Master’s Identity and His individual Being Character as the ONLY term we need EVER utter to uniquely identify without equivocation on the part of Deception is long overdue in every Truth-respecting discourse on The Deity.

    He clearly titles Himself to Moshe’ at the flaming shrub, then He repeats His title to the pagan temple surrogate priests who bought their phony priesthood positions from the occupying Roman Empire, for which they tried to seize Him to throw His flesh inclosure into their despised dump site, but of course He made their eyes blind so as to not see Him.

    Then He reiterated His Title which Disciple Yochannan records for us in Yoch. 14:6.

    Then He shares the Last Truth, 6 Jesus G2424 saith G3004 unto him G846, I G1473 am G1510 the way G3598, G2532 the truth G225, and G2532 the life G2222: no man G3762 cometh G2064 unto G4314 the Father G3962, but G1508 by G1223 me G1700.

    In doing this, The Deity denies ALL Deception, and puts Deception on notice that as it is determined to destroy Truth – The Deity – it, Deception, is destroying itself.

    This is how we finite being KNOW Truth – by all the ways Deception attempts to destroy Him. Pretty well and clear way to
    ALWAYS KNOW Truth! Deception defines Him!

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