The Codesearcher’s Personal Discovery of the Key to Everything


Nice lock… huh?

What’s behind that door of the unknowns?

Have you wondered about the missing key of life?

Did you think: “SURELY!! There must be a key!!”

Is there a key to find happiness?

How about a key to find truth?

Is there a key to find favor with ELoHiYM and mankind?

Surely, there’s a key to health and healing?

A key to long life??

Is there a key to crack the hidden codes?

Is there a key to come to understand the mysteries in the Scriptures?

Is there a key to learning the pure language?

Jonathan says he has found the key.

Come join Jonathan, as he shares, scripturally, what is the key to all knowledge and all greatness.

There is a key!!

And, only one key opens the door to the abundant life.



  • William Duncan Gonzalez, hybrid says:

    Are you a wise and prudent man? Hope not! i have become ‘like as unto a child’ and would like to dialogue on the Fellowship of the Five Wise Virgins. The child nature i have acquired complicates my ignorance to the Hebraic renderings of the Godhead and am a sponge for that knowledge. But i am intent on learning the teachings and doctrines of the five wise virgins for they are the ones who never taste death. Jesus showed us all the ones teaching, preaching, and proclaiming his name that ‘missed the mark’. They will all die in their sins and wait for the resurrection and the opening of the books. The five wise have it perfect. They hit the proverbial ‘bulls-eye’ mark and if the Church rapture takes place before the Tribulation is at its worst then they are the ones that enter in with the groom for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, they escape the tribulation and never taste death. Surely they are numbered with the saints that Messiah returns with the second time. The five foolish will have to go through the tribulation but the consolation is that if they lose their heads for their witness and testimony of Messiah then they are part of the first resurrection and reign with Christ during Tabernacles. Please pardon the mixing of the metaphors.
    The Fellowship of the Five Wise Virgins:
    7 Tenets of the Faith
    7 Doctrines of the Apostles
    7 Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
    Buy the Truth and sell it not! So how does one buy that which is not for sale?
    Will the Son of Man find faith when he returns? Yes, when he comes to collect his bride to present her to his Father, and the bride is faithful even unto death, but never tasting death because if they are absent from the body they are present with Christ/Messiah.
    P.S. If your doctrine is not the same as the Apostles Doctrine then i am not able to financially support your ministry. If we are alike in this then let me know for we are then brothers. If my understanding or rendering of the Apostles doctrine is contrary to scripture our request is that we be corrected and instructed in the righteousness of God. If you are a wise and prudent man this dialogue will not go further. Other wise ‘here am i’.
    If you don’t have the Apostles Doctrine, ask?

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    You have decided what that oil is. We beg to differ on that. The oil is the Name of YaHuWaH. We would recommend you watch “Got Oil?” by Eric Bissell:

    A child learns the language of his parents and his family. That would be paleo Hebrew.

    And a Hebrew child learns the ToWRaH and learns to live it, just as the new believers did in the first century.

    The truth includes all that the Father is restoring to us. And, to come out of all pagan names: G-D, L-RD and J-sus.

    You’re right that you cannot buy it. But, you must embrace it.

    As far as the apostles doctrine, we agree. That’s why we have been reading Nazarene Israel, the Original Faith of the Apostles, by Norman Willis. You can find a link to that here:

    We appreciate that you do not want to sow into a ministry that is not sharing truth. We are sharing truth.

    Whether you agree with all the restoration of the truth or not that HE has us proclaiming is up to you and the Father.

    ShaLoWM and may you fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH has placed on your life.

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