Douglas Elwell, Author of Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man, Speaks with the Codesearcher about Nibiru and More!!

Codesearcher, Jonathan Matthew Wright, speaks with Douglas Elwell, author of Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man about Nibiru (‘Planet X’), Nephilim, technology of the Anti-Messiah, Wormwood, and more.

Is Nibiru Wormwood, or a Chariot of the Messiah?

When will Nibiru come closest to us?

How often does Nibiru come near us?

Has the tribulation begun yet?

Where are we in the end time events?

Is Nibiru described in Revelation?

Come listen to Douglas Elwell and Codesearcher, Jonathan Wright, as they discuss end time events important to everyone.



  • Robert says:

    Not sure what to make of your site. Just arrived in my email. I am a follower of “The Way” the teaching and ways of Y’shua HaMashiyach. I will tell you what the Father has put in my Spirit. When we see the sacrifice of animal blood begin in Jerusalem, this will be the desolation of abomination for this generation and the beginning of the tribulation.

    Pray and watch. Brother

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    ShaLoWM. May we also share with you our sister website,, where we have much more to offer in the way of the restoration message the Father has given to us. Come check it out. Also, Jonathan has a large youtube channel where you can learn more about the things you see on this site…. the videos that go with these things. You can find his channel and our playlists here:

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