Codesearcher Apprentice’s Shocking Discovery in First Bible Code Table on Rev 12 Prophecy, Video: God’s Roadmap to the End, & Sept 23 2017

We started our Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program in mid June, 2016. Just a few months ago, our first Apprentices began their training. Most of the Apprentices knew little to no Hebrew. Most had a desire to know and to share truth and to regard the Word and the hidden codes of the Father, and to serve Him in His end time harvest, seeking His remnant.

Since the beginning, our Apprentices began learning the wonder in the pure Hebrew language, the written Word in which our Father chose to communicate to us. As we all know, the TaNaKh (aka ‘old testament’) is written in Hebrew.

Our Apprentices have been shown that these words’  meanings are objective, verifiable, provable and repeatable. Coincidentally, the words of our Father that are encoded ALSO work the same way. Their meanings are OBJECTIVE, VERIFIABLE, PROVABLE AND REPEATABLE. Sharing the truth in love and the restoration of all things of our Father YaHuWaH are our STANDARD!!


There’s no strange fire here!!!

Early on, we begin to watch the Apprentices, and take notice for where their strengths lie, as we prayerfully begin to discern how each Apprentice’s skills will be used by the Father, and in what area. They are primed for restoring truth and producing results that are objective, verifiable, provable, and repeatable.

And, over the months, the Apprentices have developed relationships of support, friendships, fellowship,  and collaboration with each other.

They continue to be shaped and trained, learning to serve the Father YaHuWaH ELoHiYM Tz’BaOWTh יהוה אלהימ צבאות in spirit and in truth.

They love the Father and His Son, the Messiah.

And, these Codesearcher Apprentices have such loving hearts for His remnant.


Codesearcher Apprentice Benjamin:

In this video, we have the great pleasure to introduce you to our Apprentice, Benjamin, from Australia, and the work the Father is showing him. We are extremely pleased with Benjamin’s ministry in our Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program.

Benjamin watches over the prayer needs of our Apprentices, and he has such a warm heart for the concerns of the Father. We are so honored to know him and thankful the Father brought him to be a part of the training.


We are highlighting the process of our Apprentice, Benjamin, in the video we’re sharing. What you see in Benjamin is a real Apprentice submitting himself in service to the Father. Right now, he is like a mascot — a representative for all the Apprentices.

There are many more up and coming Apprentices, so stay tuned. We believe the Father has a great work of these Apprentices to do. And, they are being trained and prepared for their calling.

We’re teaching the skills and the ethics–the things important to the Father, and the language. But, it is the Father’s Ruach HaQoDeSh (aka ‘holy spirit’) that provides the inspiration.  In this video, you can glean the heart of the servants that the Father is choosing for the Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program


The Video:



This video reveals one of the first Codesearcher School bible code tables. During this video, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Rick share this startling and detailed bible code discovery, which reveals and confirms end times constellation event.

First, the bible codes table supports and validates the videos titled: “God’s Roadmap to the End”. Here’s the playlist:


You can watch the video about the Revelation 12 Prophecy here:


The confrontation between the Red Dragon and the Man Child is revealed in the heavens, the Revelation 12 prophecy in scruipture and in the bible codes.


All videos are aligned and support the others.


Please Note: With this table we are making no predictions. Nor are we assigning identities to the Man Child or the Virgin. However, scripture does tell us the Red Dragon is Satan.



This September 23 2017 constellation event can be viewed using the software Stellarium.



You can download Stellarium here:…



We are also providing for you, here, a work-in-progress description to most of the matrix ELS terms so that you can see the meanings, the Strong’s numbers, etc. You will find the results are objective, verifiable, provable, and repeatable.


This table will continue to be updated in the future.

Axis Term: Broken into Pieces



Note: Location denotes first letter of ELS term. Left, middle, right and upper, middle, lower are divided by approximately one thirds, allowing for nine approximate search areas for the first letter in each ELS term, the ELS terms may be in a combination of areas where applicable.

Please be aware that some ELS terms may join others, I have tried to leave the colour of the first letter as denoted in each search term description but this may not have always been possible.

Legend: UL= upper left (of matrix), ML=middle left, LL=lower left, UM=upper middle, MM= middle middle, LM= lower middle, UR= upper right, MR=middle right, LR=lower right.

Original bible code axis search term – Jupiter purple/pink- dark letters. MM.

Bible code words found:

AKaL H398-99 to devour, burn up, consume, eat up, purple/ Lt blue letters below Jupiter. MM.
DoKiY H1796 to break, destroy in pieces, bruise, collapse, mutilate, purple/Lt blue letters above Jupiter. MM.
MiDDaH H4060 a measure, a piece, a portion, purple/ mid blue letters. UM.
Raa H7489 break, bruise, spoil, break to pieces, afflict, harm, hurt, vex, purple/ Lt blue letters, top of 18 letter combination with Jupiter. UM.
Year 2016 light blue/yellow letters UM,UM,ML,MR.
MaTzaLaH H4208 Planet, constellation, zodiacal sign, “raining down”, light blue/red letters. MM.
MaTzaRaH H4216 noted constellations/Zodiacs (of distinction), mid grey/ red letters. LL.
Planet orange/yellow letters. LL.
ShuwBaR H7729 a return, returning, purple/ white letters. UM,UR.
Nibiru purple/ dark blue letters. UM.
LAaNaH H3939 Wormwood, yucky dark pink /blue letters. MM.
KoWKaB H3556 star, blazing star, shining star, yellow/ blue writing. LM,LR.
Virgo mid green/ yellow letters. MR.
SheMeShaY H8121-H8124 sun, sunshine, light blue/black letters. MM.
Solar yellow/ red letters. LM,UR.


MiTzaH H4199 to faint, fear, burn, terror, dark brown/ white letters. ML,LR.
MuWtH H4191-H4194 to die, death, dead, kill, destroy, slay, black/red letters. ML,MM,LL,UR,MR,LR.
ShaMaYiM H8064 heavens, the domain of celestial bodies, burnt orange/black letters. ML,MR.
YaLaD H3205 travailing in pregnancy, mid grey/ blue letters. MM,MM.
NaPhaL H5307 fall, smite, cast down, orange/ green letters. MM,MM,UR
LaHBaH H3852 fire, flames, flaming head of arrow, light grey/yellow letters. LR.
Dwarf brown/ green letters. MM.
RaPhaH H7497 giant, brown/ white letters. ML.
ShaBaR H7665 break down, break off, in pieces, bring to the birth, destroy, tear, to burst, hurt, red /black letters MM,MR.
ShaBaB H7616 broken in pieces, a fragment, ruin by force, red/black letters. LM,MR
ABaQaH H80 – H81 volatile particles, dust, powder, float as vapour, red/blue letters. UM,MM,LM,MR.
TiShRiY Hebrew month (Sept/Oct) dark grey/black letters . UL,LM,LM,MR,MR.
ELuL Hebrew month (Aug/Sept) dark grey/yellow letters. UM,UM,UM,UM,UM.
TaNiYN H8577 dragon, serpent, sea monster, whale, Lt green/red letters. UM,MM.
TaNiYM H8577 dragon, serpent, sea monster, whale, , Lt green/red letters. UR
ADaM H119-H122 red, blood, man, human, flush, ruddy, light green/ yellow letters. UL,UM,UM,MM


We have several up and coming Codesearcher Apprentices, who are all working on codes tables on their own, based on their interests and the inspiration of the Ruach HaQoDeSh. These code searcher Apprentices are vetted, and they are trained in to regard the things that are important to the Father, and to honor Him by watching, keeping, guarding and observing His Word, and to do what the Messiah did. We believe the Father, also, is honoring these Apprentices as His ambassadors to the world in these end times.

We are very pleased to see all the work that is coming out of our first Apprentices.


Be looking for a video, soon, highlighting the work of Apprentice Marco, from South Africa. Marco is our Bible Code App developer (the app designed for Android phones and is available on our website–you can grab it here:

Here’s a look at his very first table.



If you would like the pdf of Benjamin’s chart, above, here’s the url and you can download it by clicking here: revelation12prophecy


If you feel called by Father to search the codes, right now enrollment is open. We encourage you to apply here:


  • Drayton says:

    The gematria value of the date Jupiter *enters* the womb,
    declares the date of Jupiters Birth when it *leaves* the womb.

  • Michele Lynn says:

    Question for you –
    What is the scripture passage that Benjamin’s table is based on? Is the passage Revelation 12? I know that’s the portion the code is proving, but I wasn’t clear of the scripture portion.
    This is awesome! Thank you and I look forward to more.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    The Rev12 table was found in 2 Samuel 17. May YaHuWaH cause His favor to shine upon you.

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