The Power in The True Name of Our Father, YaHuWaH! A personal story

[Editor’s note: This post was written by Diana. Diana is one of our charter (and much appreciated) Codesearcher Apprentices.

She received such a blessing. Read to the end, and we’re sure you’ll receive a special blessing, too.]


My dear Brothers and Sisters,

To be honest, I’ve been having some trouble getting this message going. But I know that the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) will soon take over…

What I am praying is that my words will somehow be able to convey what YaHuWaH has revealed to me and confirmed.

Not only was His message confirmed once, it was also reconfirmed through the Codesearcher program and through Sukkot 2016 at Darla and Jonathan’s farm in Utah.

I think, as we all have felt, there is a desire, urgency and impulse to share His true name. And I suspect that we all feel it.

Here’s how I did it during Sukkot 2016…

This was my personal experience:

It was an amazing experience of sharing during YaHuWaH’s Sukkot feast. It was a privilege, actually.

Darla and Jonathan’s home and farm felt so safe, everyone there had such amazing things to share and to teach. We even got to do some codesearching live with Jonathan, instead of just on video.

Best of all, the love felt unconditional–perhaps the kind that our Father has asked us to have for one another.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid I had the beginnings of a Lupus flare up from being outdoors too much, and I began to feel extremely sick.

By Wednesday night, with Sukkot half over and after not keeping anything down for a while, Deb (a fellow Codesearcher) very sweetly offered to get back on the road. We had driven up together.

We spent the night in Grand Junction. She then dropped me off and headed north to Denver. I took a taxi to the next town over, which was Montrose.

Sharing His Name – Opportunity #1:

In between having my head in the bucket and some small talk, the taxi driver and I got to the topic of believing in “God”.

It was a long drive, but I got the opportunity to share the true name of YaHuWaH with him. He was a Christian already and was eager for everything I had to say.

I asked him to please drop me off at the Quality Inn in Montrose. I asked if they had any rooms, they said yes.

As I came to the desk, I explained to them that I was not feeling well and trying to find a ride to Gunnison and waiting for some calls back. I didn’t know if I needed to stay there the night or not.

From there, the situation got very strange.

Oh yeah, the owners were a Muslim couple, by the way, and when they took a look at the cross around my neck, they said that I could not wait there. They said I had to either get the room right then (i.e. pay) , or leave.

I also kept having to dry heave publicly into a bucket. It was embarrassing. They would not allow me to use the restrooms.

I did not see an ounce of compassion in these people. It was such a strange experience.

Fortunately, a guest and one of the maids offered to take me to the pharmacy to get medicine that my doctor had ordered for me.

Well, just before that, I had called an Uber to get me out of this place, and he kept asking if i needed an ambulance because I sounded so badly, he told me to rest inside the hotel lobby for now, and I explained the situation.

He told me he would have to call me back, while Maria, the maid took me to the pharmacy. As I was trying to keep my medication down, she kept telling me, “just breathe and think of God, he is always with us!

Sharing His Name – Opportunity #2:

And as we waited for the Uber taxi to show up, I got to share the true name of YaHuWaH with her, as well. I believe the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) was hard at work orchestrating it all, it all really felt surreal.

Then, I met Michael, the Uber driver.

He said he had called the cops to tell the hotel couple to allow me to keep my sleeping bag, tent, etc., while Maria took me to get the meds.

Right away, this man was a Brother!

It was an immediate recognition, as we both laughed at the fact that we were both recovering Catholics, as well.

Sharing His Name – Opportunity #3:

Right away, we spoke about the times we are living in, about the tribes, the feasts, etc…he was also on this search, as was his son, and I got to again share the name of YaHuWaH. He was so receptive.

Sharing His Name – Opportunity #4:

Finally, I shared with the young woman who had been caring for my daughter while I was away. She is also her youth minister and just hungers for His Word!

I shared the sanctified name of YaHuWaH, yet once again. What a joy!

Major blessing (some would say miracle) ahead:

The last part of this testimony, is what happened when I arrived home.

I called my 14-year old daughter into my bedroom. She has only known me as someone who lives with pain.

Then, I took off my shirt and I showed her my back.

She began to weep.

As she told me: “Mom, your back doesn’t look like an ‘S’ anymore!!


That’s because during our stay for Sukkot at Darla and Jonathan’s, one of my beautiful sisters, Pat had prayed over my back three times. Prayed in the name of our Father, YaHuWaH!

Since then, I have not taken pain medication for a week, like I usually do. And I haven’t had to use my back brace either. I still haven’t since then.

I believe our Father, YaHuWaH, is telling us of the incredibly important need and urgency to get His true name out there!!

And he has sooooo much more still to reveal.

That night, I fell to my knees sobbing at the realization of it all. This amazing week I had experienced, the blessings of having each and every one of the Codesearchers in my life, as we get to know our Father better, learn the things that please him.

Not only because we are asked to do it, but because we love and want to please Him. It’s a joy.

Our Father’s sacred name is not “God” or “Lord” as we have been taught. It is:

Image result for yahuwah

It is pronounced Ya Hu WaH. (The story behind its meaning is fascinating.)

Start using it, start sharing it and I’m sure you’ll be blessed beyond measure as well.


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