Identity Crisis of the Church Continues

Every believer should hear the truth of the matter. Come join us for the reading of this book, Nazarene Israel, on our youtube channel, Codesearcher Dot Net:

In 2009 and 2010, many church goers started becoming aware of problems within the teachings in their personal churches, and began responding to a CALLING OUT by the SPIRIT.

They began leaving the churches (in all her various sects, denominations, and forms) in droves to began studying and researching under the Ruach HaQoDeSh (the sanctified Spirit, aka ‘Holy Spirit’) alone.

And, the church began to suffer an IDENTITY CRISIS, as church goers began losing confidence in what they were being taught to be the truth. For many people, this had been most of what they had learned for their whole lives!!

But, there was another thing that happened in 2009/2010…. A 2,730 year old curse on the 10 northern/hidden (same word in Hebrew)tribes is reported by many researchers (and examined by us and found) to have ended!!!

And since then, [presumably] those from the 10 northern/hidden tribes have been waking up and walking out of the churches. And, they have been seeking to learn strictly from the WHOLE SCRIPTURES what was the truth of their identity and they have been learning who they are and who their ELoHiYM is, and who their Messiah is.

These ex-congregants were told, “You cannot learn on your own!! You need a pastor to tell you what the Bible says!” But, the Messiah told us that He would send a Comforter who would guide us into all truth.

And so, the IDENTITY CRISIS for the ex-congregants was ending, as they were waking up to the knowledge of who they actually are. And, this caused the church’s IDENTITY CRISIS, for all the members they lost. 

Since this time, MANY have had new revelations of old and ancient knowledge, as they went to search the Scriptures with the Ruach HaQoDeSh (the Spirit of truth) as their guide. And, an overwhelming proof-positive amount of believers found this new knowledge restored to them far more valuable and more truthful and real than what they had learned sitting under pastors and elders in the churches.

Other reports, such as exposed evil within the church authority positions, and ministry’s covenants with the governments under their tax exemptions, and ministers trained to work with FEMA also added to the mistrust of the congregants.

And, many have left the church. In fact, one report said that 2 million people leave the christian church each year. Some seem to become less concerned about their eternal path, yet others become more personally determined to be found walking the narrow path.  And, they hunger more for the opportunity to please the Creator.

As part of our sharing the restoration of the truth with you, we are pleased to share this initial video of the reading of this book of restoration for the remnant. It’s called Nazarene Israel.

The author is Norman B. Willis. His work is very insightful, and eye-opening. Norman has given us permission to read his published work online.

We strongly suggest getting a copy for yourself and for your loved ones who are christians to bring forth life-changing research and knowledge of the truth of former things, showing evidence of what was practiced and believed in the time of the Apostles by the Apostles who ministered with the Messiah.


Nazaren Israel Book Photo 2



Questions from the back jacket of the book:

Do you feel a love for the Land of Israel, and for the Jewish people, even though you might not be Jewish? [We certainly have…]

What if you could see, from Scripture and the works of the Church Fathers themselves, that the original apostolic belief was not like today’s Christianity?


What would it mean?

What if the original apostolic belief was actually a Jewish and Israeli sect whose mission it was to bring back the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel [those of the 12 tribes who were not, in fact, Jews, but who were from the 10 northern tribes, scattered all over the world]; and what if the Christians really were the Lost Ten Tribes, and your future lay in Land of Israel?


What if the author showed you overwhelming evidence in Scripture proving this hypothesis, and then asked you to disprove it?

Would you search out the Scriptures for yourself, to discover whether these things were so?


Why did Paul tell the Romans that circumcision profits?

Why did he say that the Law was good, if one uses it properly?

Why did the Messiah say not to think He had come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets (and why does the Church teach exactly this)?


If you want to know why you may be part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, or if you want to understand the Messiah’s parables in greater detail, then find out why more and more believers are [waking up and being] led by the [Ruach HaQoDeSh/aka ‘Holy’] Spirit back to Nazarene Israel, the original faith of the apostles.


You can see order this amazing book, full of research you may not have time to search out for yourself [and if you do have the time, you should certainly START here with your research],  for $7, or read it on Kindle for under a buck!!:

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  • Vickie Hughes says:

    By the first words above: “In 2009 and 2010, many church goers started becoming aware of problems within the teachings in their personal churches, and began responding to a CALLING OUT by the SPIRIT.”
    Watch the video at the bottom of thislengthy website to see this very timing and WHY Ephraim is beginning to awaken!
    It is worth your time. 🙂
    Glory to be to Yahua and His son, Yeshua. Blessed are the watchmen…. RESTORE!!

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