Pure Truth, a Prophetic Dream, and A Message for the Called Out

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Jonathan and I have a heart for the people of the Father. We minister to many people around the world, and we have a heart to share restoration and truth to the 12 tribes. I had a burden this week to share a message for the called out, a pure truth from the Word of our Father. And, exactly how to share that actually came to me in a prophetic dream.

So, what my paper is about is the Name of the Father, along with seven of His functions in our lives, as spoken in Scripture.

Probably most christians have heard Jehovah Jireh (provides), Jehovah Nissi (our banner), Jehovah Shalowm (our peace), Jehovah Tzidqenu (our righteousness), Jehovah Ra’AH (shepherd), Jehovah ShaMaH (is there) and Jehovah Rapha (our healer). I certainly remember hearing these many times when I was in church. And many christians have memorized them.

Yet, there is no letter J in the Hebrew language, and there was no ‘V’ sound in ancient Hebrew. That’s a modern sound inherited from a time of mixing with other cultures. So, Jehovah cannot be the right name. (See Restoring the Creator’s Name, HaShem Revealed, by Messenger of the Name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMWE7yJA4fY.)

In my paper, basically what I share is the correct Hebrew name, and the stories where these seven titles are found.

We have compassion for the people, that we were all taught to follow doctrines not in the Word. I know this information is not welcome by everyone, but I also know that it will be appealing to those who want to know about it, a message to the called out who want pure truth.

I was told people by someone I am close to that people just don’t care. They aren’t interested unless I water down the message, shorten the message, and draw people into a conversation, because people don’t want to read anything.

This person who told me this was right. His message was confirmed with a second witness, who wrote me to tell me she was no longer interested in being a Codesearcher Apprentice because she didnt want to give up the things in her life that she enjoyed that she knew were not okay with YaHuWaH but were part of the mystery Babylon religion that we inherited.

Most of what I have to share IS Father’s Word.

Pure truth!!

It’s in scriptures!!

It’s literally PURE WATER for washing ourselves daily with it!! How can I possibly water that down for people? It’s pure water!! I can’t, without changing the Word, without changing the Message that I believe the Father led me to share. Don’t the people want the pure Word of the Father?

Sadly, most do not.

It’s not that people can’t receive the message. It’s that most don’t want the pure truth of YaHuWaH. This is the day and the hour that we find ourselves living in, that most people are NOT INTERESTED in studying the Father’s Word. They are far more interested in the nightly news’ spin of human activities.

And a message for the called out?

What does that even mean?

Believe me… the called out know what it means…

Isn’t that why the narrow path is narrow?

Because few there be that find it?

Few there be that want it?

Few there be that go seeking after it?

We cannot just pretend that EVERYONE is on the narrow path, no matter WHAT they DO or BELIEVE.

There is a much wider path that most people ARE ON.  

We ABSOLUTELY have to ADMIT THAT and COME TO TRUTH with that statement.

Most of the world rejected the Messiah–THEN and NOW.

Would we escape rejection if we totally serve YaHuWaH?

No. The Messiah even told us: we cannot.


I’m not writing to the masses.

I’m not trying to.

I’m writing to those who are seeking to work out their salvation with fear and trembling, as the Word says. 


It’s not my message; It’s HIS THE MESSAGE.


I then prayed and I asked the Father,

“What am I supposed to do with this [the paper]?”

“Why did You show me this message if it’s not going to be read?”


I don’t believe I often have dreams of any prophetic significance. But, I do believe the Father answered me when I cried out to him, “What am I supposed to do with this message in my heart and on paper??”

Within minutes or hours…

I began to have a very vivid dream.


I believe the Father gave me this dream to instruct me and to give me understanding.

And, as I pondered the dream, I believe I know how the Father was guiding me as to what to do with the paper that I wrote.


IN My DREAM: A Birthing!!

In my dream, there was a poor couple, and they were living with me. The woman had become pregnant. And, they had no insurance. I was trying to help take care of them.

And, the husband was working on remaking a previous vehicle to be a portable home for his wife and offspring to live in. Though he loved his wife very much, he was very concerned with getting his work completed. And his work kept him occupied full-time.

The husband was always right there, working on the home for his family. I never saw, nor was I concerned with his work. But, I could see him.

The woman lay on the back open area of the vehicle. It was like the trunk area of a station wagon. But, it had no roof over the woman. She had no covering there, and she was exposed to the elements. Through her whole pregnancy she laid on a soft padding of some sort. And, I cared for her.

As to her progression in her pregnancy, three phases were shown to me:

  1. I saw her toward the beginning of the pregnancy.
  2. I saw her at about 20 weeks of pregnancy, and she was struggling with pain, at that time.
  3. I saw her at the end of her pregnancy (at 40 weeks), and she really was crying out, at that time.

Suddenly, I became aware that we were in the lobby of a hospital. Yet, the hospital personnel were doing NOTHING about this birth about to happen!! It was as if they did not even see us.

And, the woman was crying out. The husband was still working on what he was preparing: restoring the vehicle. I went around to the back of the vehicle, and the woman was having severe labor pains. She was definitely IN LABOR!! And there was no one who saw the urgency but me. There was no one to do anything about it.

She was laying side to side of the car, such that her head was aligned with the right back wheel of the car, and her feet were aligned with the left back wheel of the car. I labored to get her turned around, inch by inch, so I could check on her.

I got her turned around, so that her womb was at the edge of the vehicle, and her legs were on both sides of me, and I was looking straight at the baby’s head, crowning and  bulging out, and this mom ‘s very productive LABOR was SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO PUSH THIS BABY OUT.


I had NO TIME to wash my hands …..

Who was I kidding ??

There was NO WATER!!!!


I proceeded with caution, helping this woman to deliver her baby.

I said to myself, “Well, I’ll just have to clean everything up later.”


No one at the hospital gave any notice of us being there. It was like we were in a different dimension than they were.

I began assisting this woman in delivering this baby, and immediately the baby was born!!

I did not notice if the child was a boy or a girl,  but, I think it was a boy.


As I held this baby by the feet, and upside down, to drain fluids off of him and to wipe him down the very best that I could, I noticed he was very long and large!! And also, I noticed something very odd. He had strangely old and long-looking toenails.

“Baby!! What long old-looking toeneails you have!!!”

He was just born, and I had to start cutting his hard and thick and very long, dead, mummy-looking toenails. And, I called the father over to see the toenails. Both his father and I knew that this baby should have been born earlier.

I cleaned off the baby the best I could (since there was NO WATER!!!). And, there was still no notice by any of the hospital personnel that we were there, nor that we needed help. I gave the baby to his mother, and she held her baby, but didn’t seem to know what to do to feed her baby.

I became concerned that the baby might not be able to regulate his temperature. So, I told the father, “ Quick!! Go get a heat lamp. He whisked away and returned quickly with a heat lamp to keep the baby warm. The baby was wrapped up in something we found lying around.

The backseat, which had formerly been removed from the vehicle, was laid down flat to become a table surface for us. I was cleaning up the afterbirth, there, and then my oldest son and his beloved arrived.They saw the problems we were having, given that we had no clean and pure water, for washing. They jumped in, to help me.

Suddenly, I noticed another newborn, on the backseat make-shift table. He had been born very quietly, such that none of us had noticed his birth. Yet he  was very alert, and very aware, and again, very long.


The woman had delivered twins!!

I cleaned up the second baby (as best I could) and gave him to his mama, too. She still did not seem to know what to do with the babies, nor how to feed them or clean them. She remained passive.

Odd…These babies were bigger than newborns. They were more like 2 year olds. And, the woman continued to lay there, holding onto her two newly born little ones.

The husband went into another room to get a change of clothes for himself. I had thought maybe he had gone to take a nap. But, he came out very quickly, wearing a fresh change of clothes.

And, in contrast, I was aware that the OWNER of the hospital (this place that people go to get help, but no help was offered) was sleeping in the room across the corridor, which opened up to the hospital lobby, where we were. And, still, there was no help offered from the hospital.

There was blood and uncleanliness and germs everywhere. We had no way to bathe the babies, and no way to cleanse the mother, no way to wash any of them clean, nor our hands. which were stained with dried blood.

And WE HAD NO HELP!! We could only clean what could be cleaned with NO WATER!! I also had a believer friend who is a local Emergency Medicatl Technician show up. She gave me some advice on cleaning with no water, and that’s just all we could do. So, there were just the four of us, a very small believer group, plus the dad and the mom.

And, someone from the hospital had set aside the backseat, closing up the seat and its back, to try to prevent anyone from seeing that sandwiched between these two cushioned parts of the backseat were dried blood, wet blood, towels and sheets. The hospital tried to cover up what they did not want anyone coming into the hospital to see.


No one had cleaned up these babies and this mama!!!!

No one from the hospital had come along to help!!

And we could not properly clean them, because there was no water available to clean them!!

We did the best we could, but they were not clean.

And, I began to think:

If we don’t get them clean, they may die!!

And, that was the dream my Father gave to me last night.


Now, here is what I believe the items in the dream represent.


The Hospital and the Owner of the Hospital, Asleep/Not Aware:

I believe the hospital represents all the fakery of the world’s systems, including its false religious systems, which are run by the enemy. And, the enemy has so many doing his dirty work for him.There seems to be little threat to his system, with the way everything in this world caters and bows to him. So, he was sleeping or hiding.

However, while sleeping and/or hiding, he was not even aware that these two babies had just been born, in plain view, in the lobby of this hospital–the world’s systems.  The hospital had no love, but only an interest in covering up the truth that these two babies had just been born. The hospital (the world’s systems) had no interest in providing help to this poor family,nor could they see any value in this family.


The Husband:

I believe the husband represents the Messiah/the MaShiYaCx. He was there, and. I knew He was there. He was working on a new home, which was somehow going to be on the move. And, this vehicle had to be reworked.

It was on wheels, and it was designed for movement. But, the wheels were not working together. One was acting like the head; one was acting like the feet/the foundation. So, they were not working as together as ONE body.

So, the design of those who had put it together was not quite useful to the Husband. He had to rework it, because it had not been built according to the specifications that the Husband had thought it would be.

Once the babies were born, I asked him for a heat lamp to keep the babies warm, and he quickly supplied that need.He saw that there was no one who offered to clean His babies with water. And, He saw that there WAS NO CLEAN WATER in the establishment available to us to clean His wife and HIs children. While He saw our love and that we had done our best to clean, still there was dried blood on His children, His wife, and on his wife’s bedding area.

Then, the husband/ went into another room, out of sight, and while I thought He went in to take a nap, He went into this room in one set of clothes, and came out in another fresh set of clothes. He was only changing.

I think the Lamb went in the room, and the Lion is probably what came out.


The Pregnant Mother:

The mother lay in pain the whole nine months of her pregnancy. She was unable to get up and do anything, as she awaited the birth of her children. Her head was aligned with the right rear wheel of the car; her feet were aligned with the left rear wheel of the car. I believe the mother in the dream represents Christianity, and Judaism:

both lack in some way the fullness of blessing and power…

both ignored by most of the world in some way…

both had one foot in the ways of the world, and one foot desiring the ways of the Father, and trying to straddle the fence…

both had added man’s doctrines to change what the Father said to do to make room for what they wanted to do or what they thought best to do…

both were incompetent at doing the Father’s will…

both were incompetent at sharing the Father’s way with the word.

The mother represented the religious systems of christianity and Judaism, both incompetent in the world, and she just laid around, in pain, with the developing children in her womb, preparing for their birth into truth, and following the Word of YaHuWaH.

The Vehicle:

There was a vehicle in the dream that had to undergo a major transformation. I believe the vehicle also was Christianity and Judaism. The vehicle was not working. In the dream, I was aware of three wheels, not four. I had no knowledge of the 4th wheel, the one in the front right position. The two wheels in the back were known to me as the right one was aligned with the woman’s head and the back one was aligned with the woman’s feet. And, I had an awareness in the dream as that the husband was working on the front left wheel. But, the whole vehicle was under re-design.

There is a book that I have that explains how important Christianity has been to spreading the truth, but that it was a temporary vehicle. And Judaism, also, was a temporary vehicle. Neither were here in the beginning. Nor will they be here in the end.

I believe the vehicle was the vehicle of Christianity and Judaism. Those two do not work together, and this vehicle was not working.

What was the original belief–the one the Real Messiah taught?

What did Christianity and Judaism have in common in the beginning (just after the Messiah died)?

And what do they have in common now?

The church was not officially formed until some 300 years after the Messiah’s ministry, and it was changed by Constantine and the Catholic church, though there was a group, called the NaTzaRiYM (‘Nazarenes’), who continued the belief once delivered to the saints. Paul, also, led a group called the NaTzaRiYM (Acts 24:5).

Why did the christian church father Epiphanius (early 300’s… the George Washington of the Catholic Church) condemn the group called the Nazarenes?

Why did Marcel Simon say that Epiphanius well knew the Roman Church did not descend from the apostles?

And, why did Marcel Simon say the Nazarenes were those who descended directly from the apostles, yet he called them heretics because they continued to keep the faith the Messiah had originally taught the apostles to keep 300 years earlier, rather than adopting the manmade traditions of the Catholic Church?

(In essence, both of these men charged that the the Nazarenes followed Scripture, rather than them…)

What did Constantine change?

What did the Catholic church change?

What did Judaism change?

It’s not the same as it used to be. And what are the differences?

The world sure doesn’t see much difference between them.

Yet, they are each lacking something.

And, I believe this is what the Husband in the dream was working on, in order to remodel this vehicle so that His wife and children could live in it.

The name of the book:

Nazarene Israel: The Original Faith of the Apostles, by Norman Willis

This is a great book that explains so much. And, there’s a specific chapter in the book that spoke of the temporary vehicle of Christianity to spread the good news, but that there is a restoration of truth that is required and is now happening by the Sanctified Spirit.

The Two Babies Born:

I absolutely believe these two babies were the two Houses of the whole House of Ya’AQoB. This includes all 12 tribes and those from Judaism and those from Christianity.

If you haven’t heard much about the TWO-HOUSE DOCTRINE, it’s because the churches don’t teach it. But, it IS in the Scriptures. In fact, there’s a chapter in the book I told you about (Nazarene Israel) that describes it quite well. The chapter title is called: The Two Houses in the New Covenant.

In my dream, the first child born represented the House of YaHuWDaH (aka: the ‘Jews’) being born again. This child had long toe nails, which I noticed when I turned him upside down to drain all the liquid off of him and out of him. His very long toe nails appeared very old and dead, like the toenails of an old dead mummy, maybe up to 2000 years old. They were not the growing and very tender toesnails of a newborn child.

Because of the age of these dead looking toenails, it seemed like this child should have been born long ago. Everything on this baby’s body was brand new, except for the very end of his body—these very long, very dead toenails. Immediately I called the baby’s father over to see the toenails, as I was cutting them off the baby.

All the attention was on this first child that was born, now in his mother’s arm, so that no one noticed the birth of the second child, which I believe represents the 10 northern tribes, known as the House of Yisrael, aka the House of Joseph, aka the House of Ephraim.


And, this second child was born quietly, while all the attention was on the first child (the ‘Jews’).

Yet, this second child was very alert, functioning very actively, and doing just fine on his own. This signifies that while the attention has been on the Jews in world news, these 10 northern tribes have been quiety growing in numbers, and becoming very knowledgable, because they are being trained up by the Spirit of Truth in these latter days.

Most of the ten northern tribes are waking up, and learning directly from the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (the sanctified Spirit–aka ‘the Holy Spirit), as they study and seek the Father in independent study, but DEPENDENT on the Spirit of Truth, and no longer on  false shepherds.

BY THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, they are receiving the message for the called out, to COME OUT of HER, MY PEOPLE.

And, these northern/’hidden’, 10-tribe peoples ARE coming out of the Christian churches all over the world…. one here, two there, five over there, three there… This has been happening largely since 2009, for a very specific reason. And they are sitting at home and studying and learning truth, directly under the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh.


And, they are discovering things they had never known about the Truth:

Truth about who they are…

Truth about Who the Creator is…

Truth about what they should be doing to please the Father.

Though this second-born TWIN was also a newborn in my dream, yet he seemed more like he was two years old.

They are a puzzle to the House of YaHuWDaH (aka: the “Jews’).

Both children were given to the mother to care for them. But, the mother did not know how to care for them. She held them close but didn’t know what to do with them. She did not know how to feed them with the food that they sought, which I believe was Truth and Restoration of the true Word.

These were babies born, but they were like 2 year olds in their stature.

There’s a lot more to these babes than meets the eye.


This dream WAS also about being born again. Christian theology does not really understand what being born means.

Being Born Again means:


You want to leave the world’s ways of living…

You’re giving up what the world has to offer, and deciding:

You see yourself as a sojourner in this world who is looking for the city whose builder is YaHuWaH….

You ARE the child of ABRAHaM, YiTzCxaQ and Ya’AQoB…

You now share in the blessings of that inheritance…


You only want truth….

You only want what the Father has for you in His Word….

You’re giving up your religious affiliation and serving only YaHuWaH….

You’re coming out of all traditions and serving only the Father….

You strive to please the Father and obey His commandments…

You’re being taught only by the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (the Sanctified Sprit of Truth).


“The Western Church teaches that in order to inherit eternal life, all one must do is believe on Yeshua. The Nazarenes agreed with this, except that they had a more stringent set of criteria as to what actually qualified as belief.

“Hellenistic (Grecian) philosophy generally equates thought and belief. It says that if someone THINKS that something is true, they BELIEVE it is true… According to this Hellenistic model, then, just thinking that Yeshua is the Messiah is enough to get one saved.

“Notice the logical aftermath of this philosophy…: Just as long as one thinks Yeshua is the Messiah, then there are no other rules of conduct…

“The Nazarenes [NaTzaRiYM] rejected this thought-centered model as being insufficient. This is because in the Hebraic model, right-action is the proof of belief…. The Hebrew belief is that ELoHiYM demands all men to do what is right (as codified in ELoHiYM’s laws). Therefore, if ones beliefs do not lead one to obey ELoHiYM’s Commandments, then one’s beliefs are functionally flawed…

“The Hebraic model tells us that no matter how well-intentioned we might be, merely to think that Yeshua is the Messiah is not enough to save us. Rather, genuine belief requires us to demonstrate our obedience to His commands. The reason that His Commands are so critical is they are the only reliable external standard by which men can safely judge their own actions; for a man’s own heart is desperately wicked, and deceitful above all things… [Yermiyahu (Jeremiah) 17:9].

“According to this Nazarene model, men cannot generally be trusted to know what is right and wrong on their now, because their own selfish desires will lead them astray. Therefore, obedience to His commands  is the only genuine proof of one’s belief; and without such substantiation, genuine belief is not present.

“This kind of thinking confuses most Christians. The Church has always taught that the desire to obey ELoHiYM’s Commandments is nothing more than Legalism; and as such, it should be strictly avoided.

“The Church also teaches that since Yeshua came to nail the Law to the Cross, that as long as we have LOVE, there are no more Commandments to obey, and one has complete liberty in the Messiah…[Galatians 5:13,14]

“But is this doctrine that the Law has been nullified correct? There appear to be some serious problems with it.

“Yeshua clearly told His followers not to think He had come to do away with the Law or the Prophets [Matthew 5:17-19].

“The Christian doctrine that Yeshua was sent to abolish the Law is confusing, when one considers that it directly violates His own Words. Further, Scripture never prophesied that the Law or the Prophets would be abolished, and there are numerous prophecies to the contrary.

“Ironically, when confronted with Yeshua’s Words, many Christians will search through Shaul’s [aka: ‘Paul’s’] letters, searching for something that can be used to explain Him away….

YaHuWaH “brought” the Children of Yisrael [aka ‘Israel,’ all 12 tribes, plus a mixture of other people who came out of Egypt with them] “to the foot of Mount Sinai, and there gave them a code of Instructions that essentially amounted to a spiritual marital contract. This spiritual marital contract was called the Law of MoSheH (aka ‘Moses’), otherwise called the ToWRaH, in Hebrew.

“In truth, the word ToWRaH does not actually translate to ‘Law.’ It is called the Law because the Words of the King of the Universe do carry the weight of Law. However, the word ToWRaH actually translates to Instruction; and in this context, it means the Bride’s Instructions.

“The ToWRaH, then, was the written instruction that anyone wishing to become YaHuWaH’s bride should practice, because it would “purify” them…

“Exodus 19:8: Then all the people answered together and said, “All that YHWH has spoken, we will do.” The children of Yisrael/ aka Israel gave their ‘I Do’s’ at the foot of Mount Sinai… In light of this knowledge, we need to ask ourselves one very important question: If the ToWRaH is the marital contract between YaHuWaH and His people, then why do the Christians want to see it abolished?… MoSheH tells us that YaHuWaH gave the ToWRaH to Israel for their own good [Deuteronomy 10:12,13].

“The thought of a loving bride rejoicing that the Bridegroom came to set her free from something that was given to her for her good makes absolutely no sense; but Christianity is based upon this very premise.”

It’s a great book. For the seekers of truth, I can think of no better book other than reading the Word of YaHuWaH to clue you in to the fact that there’s been a Serpent talking to the children of Eve, and saying, “YaHuWaH didn’t really say you had to keep all those commandments, did He? Why!! That’s legalism!!! That was NAILED TO THE CROSS!”

So, back to finishing the analysis of my dream… These babies did not look like they needed to suck on mother’s milk. Rather, they looked like they had already had all the milk they could hold, and their meat came from elsewhere, and like Someone else had been feeding them.  They looked like they were eating meat, not drinking milk. They looked like meat-eating, nearly walking toddlers.

I believe the babies born were the House of YaHuWDaH (the ‘Jews’) and the House of the 10 northern/hidden tribes, aka those trained, but coming out of ‘the church.’ They  were born out of a mother religion that was not the full truth, but twisted, deceived. Judaism was never a belief system sanctioned by the Father, and as far as Christianity, this movement also lost so much truth. Much of the deception occurred between the death of the Apostles and the early 300’s, at the time of Constantine, the Council of Nicea, and the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church.

Let’s face it… learning the truth of these matters is very much like the Matrix movie, when Neo decided he wanted to know the truth. It was not pretty, and it was not easy for Neo AT FIRST when he came into knowledge of the real truth. But, he wanted the truth, ANYWAY!! And, in the Matrix movie, some in the new awareness of reality wanted to go back, once they knew the truth. They preferred the lies. But, going back was not possible to Neo, because he discovered he was to become THE ONE!… The ONE to destroy the lies and to destroy the control of what had become the beast system in the movie.


The Lack of Clean, Pure Water:

 There was NO WATER, clean or otherwise.


The missing water that we lacked to clean up after the birth (I believe) is the water of the WORD that can wash us.

That water is the restored name scriptures.

In my dream, nothing could be cleaned up, because there was no water. And no water to clean meant a near certain death.

There is ONE who can provide water, and who can make bitter water purified and clean.

But, in this beast system environment in my dream, no one cared about water or cleaning.

No one saw the need to wash those babies and their mama.

These babies were bloody, dirty, and had dried out blood on them.

The scriptures talk about the righteousness of people being as dirty menstrual rags to YaHuWaH.

We need the Father to cleanse us.

And we need Him to wash us with His Word.

And without this washing, I was aware the babies were likely going to die.

And, the mother could die, too.

Death was awaiting them, if there were no washing. And the washing is with the Word of YaHuWaH.



The Paper I Wrote:

Where does the paper I wrote come in to the dream? The thing that I had inquired of the Father about, the reason I believe I had this dream was to answer the question: What am I supposed to do with this paper?

I worked on this paper for about twenty hours, in which time I went through the initial writing, and then two edits, to make it clearer. It IS a study. It’s not surface fluff stuff.

Most of it is SCRIPTURE, plain and simple.

There is no way that I can see that it needs to be watered down, sugar-laced, or that you need to be drawn into it. I believe if it is truth that you seek, you will be drawn into it, because, as I said, most of it is the Word of YaHuWaH. It’s, therefore, valuable information.

What I do recognize is that it probably would offer nothing to the average children of the world matrix system, who love the world as it is for them. Or even if they don’t love the world system, many still do not want what the Father has to offer, but prefer the ways of men.


In my dream, the hospital, representing the world’s religious system and hedonistic life style and the lack of pure clean water (the restored name Word) also represents a lack of interest of the citizens of these systems in the Word of YaHuWaH and restored truth.

The hospital personnel (those in the world’s system of belief) had a lack of knowledge and/or total apathy of the following:

our presence…

the woman going into labor…

the two newborns, being born again and miraculously were like walking toddlers (the House of YaHuWDaH and the House of EPhRAiYM—the Gentile church)…

the need for clean, pure water to clean and purify…

the dangers of disease and death of the newborns that were imminent if pure cleansing water were not made available…


These were all quite obvious, in the understanding of my dream.

But, it IS for the children of the 12 tribes, of those believers who LOVE the Father, and want the narrow path, and will seek after it and walk on it.

But, even, for these children, in the beginning, it’s gonna be a little messy.


Not because of the writing.

But because of our WATERED DOWN, RELATIVITY, PAGAN WORLD PROGRAMMING and our MIXTURE understandings in this world (the falsehoods and vanities that we inherited from your ancestors, as Jeremiah talks about in chapter16, verses 19-21, along with the fact that we have been serving other mighty ones that we have made).

We should be reading the Word from a restored name translation. We continue to maintain an encouragement for you to acquire Restored Name Scriptures.

And when we come into the light and knowledge (when we are birthed into the truth from reading the Word, itself), we should be cutting off anything old that we have adopted and all the false traditions of men that are not in the Word of YaHuWaH, and removing death from our lives, things that have led us into the paths we have walked in.

But, if you are ready for TRUTH

If you will have ONLY TRUTH…

if you have not felt the refining fire of a close relationship with the Father in your heart, and you know there must be more…

if you’re tired of the milk and spoon feeding of what OTHERS think you will swallow…

Then this 30-page message of restoration of truth (most of which is Scripture) may be the birthing out of all false teachings…

Birthing of the FULL TRUTH looks like a birth. It’s messy, until it gets cleaned up. But, when it does get cleaned up, there is new life, there.

The missing water that we did not have to wash these babies in my dream was the Washing of the Water of the WORD of YaHuWaH. But, that water must be with the restored name scriptures, or you have unclean water.

I’m NOT shoving this knowledge into the womb of the woman, to give it to the babies before they have the light to see the truth. I’m not sharing it unless you write to me and request it.

Free!! No cost to you!!

If you email me with the subject: BORN AGAIN Key to Restoration Paper, and tell me you want to cleanse yourself in pure clean water, and that you want to know if what you have learned all your life is THE TRUTH, I will send you this paper I wrote while studying the Word of YaHuWaH, and was given this dream about. All you have to do is email me, and tell me the above, and I will send it to you. And, I would love to hear from you.

If you don’t want it, then you will have passed by this restoration paper with no interest to read it. And, that’s fine, too. You’re either still in the womb, or you’re not in the womb at all. At least I have offered it to anyone who wants to read it.


  • Kris Frankenberg says:

    Both Jonathan and you have been a blessing in my life, like the feeling I had was that something is missing. The Spirit led me initially to Jonathan’s videos and I ended up watching all of them. Most of the first month after discovering Jonathan’s YouTube channel I would watch 2 to 3 of them per day on top of working a 9 hr shift 5 to 6 days per week. I was and still am hungry for the truth and feel in my soul that we don’t have much time left and YaHuWaH is calling his people back to him. Both of you have made a huge impact on my life and I’m grateful for the late hours and hard work both of you are doing for the Father.

  • Kris Frankenberg says:

    Please send me the paper you wrote. I would love to read it. As this will just add to everything else that I digest from the works that you both do for the Father.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Thank you, Kris. For requesting the paper. I think so far a handful have requested it. And, they wanted it.They had a thirst for truth.

    It’s a narrow path. Few there be that find it.

  • Phil Moser says:

    I would love the BORN AGAIN Key to Restoration Paper. I really sense you are an anointed person (couple) and watchman on the wall, for such a time as this.
    I only wish I could get the rest of my family as interested in end time signs and the study of Jewish festivals moweds as I am.
    May G_d continue bless the work you do and give you more revelation.
    May it all be to and for the glory of our Messiah Jashua.

  • TJ Maiorano says:

    As always being a fan of Jonathan’s, and during my first fasting, the greatest truth I was ever to learn was delivered to me by Darla, Broadcasting from the Codesearcher channel, She quietly but confidently was explaining a new and undiclosed, or unrevealed truth, One that I sensed was coming, but was long overdue. In her hand, a new bible had put back our Heavenly Father’s Name, as well as our Messiah’s. So I obtained this new bible, It is called the Hallelluyah Scriptures. It was surprisingly easy to read.
    Never again will I refer to my master as a “Trans-Littered” nickname. How about their true and Preferred names?


    The Abba Father? Elohim Yahuwah…
    Our Savior? Adonai Yahushuwa, Ha Mashiash.
    The Spirit? Ruah Ha’Qodesh,

    I am eternally grateful to the Codesearcher team for making this lifesaving change possible. Love, TJ

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Hi, Phil. I just saw this tonight (9-5). Please send me an email, and I’ll get that to you. ShaLoWM

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    I found your email. I’ll get that out to you tomorrow, brother. I also have another email that someone asked me for. Based on your comments to me, I believe you would really enjoy that as well.

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