Beginning with the Abrahamic Covenant, We Look at the Covenants in Genesis

On Codesearcher Dot Net on Youtube & here at, we restore Knowledge of Truth that has been Hidden from us. In this restoration series video, we talk about covenants, starting with the Abrahamic covenant YaHuWaH made with Abraham. If you grew up in a church, the chances are great tha  you grew up with many lies and deceptions, and you never heard about the Abrahamic covenant.

Few are aware that the Name of  YaHuWaH, the Creator, the Father, and the Author of His Book, was removed from the English translations. Let that sink in…

Men in high positions decided that the masses should have removed from them the knowledge of the Name of their Mighty One, their ELoHiYM. We have been the spiritual Job’s: Having lost all knowledge of the Abrahamic covenant and many other blessings that our ancestors once enjoyed, spiritually (and this also manifested with physical blessings). Yet, what is different is that we did not know what we once had.

One of this ministry’s most important services unto YaHuWaH is to restore the truth of all that has been removed from the believers who thought they were serving Him in spirit and in truth. This definitely includes the Abrahamic covenant, and all that that promises us. But, it is even most important to realize that so much has been removed from us that we do not even know our Creator’s name, as we boldly hold onto our King James translations. What a sad state of affairs!! The people who are supposed to worship only YaHuWaH don’t even know His Name, much less walk in the power of His Name. For learning His Name, I recommend Restoring the Creator’s Name, HaShem Revealed and What is His Son’s Name, by Messenger of the Name. You can find these two videos on Youtube. Another video that is important to study through, as well, is They Have Despised My Name by Followers of Yah, also available on youtube.

In church, few sitting on the pews were probably ever taught much about the covenants instituted by YaHuWaH, such as the Abrahamic covenant made with Abraham, nor what it means to us, today. And, if they do know the story, they were probably taught that Paul rose up against the everlasting covenant, the Abrahamic covenant, and said we should not participate in it.


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Truth and Knowledge about what the Word of YaHuWaH, which we commonly call ‘the Bible,’ can only really be known by studying what the Bible says. However, we do not advocate reading from the pagan scriptures we were all raised reading and believing in. We advocate for reading from a restored name scriptures.

If you are all about truth, you want to examine how the translators replaced YaHuWaH’s name with pagan deities, played down and nullified the covenants with Israel, including the Abrahamic covenant.  And then, get yourself a restored name scriptures. There are several to choose from.

When you begin to call on YaHuWaH’s name, you will be shown by HIM greatness and unknowns which you have not known, as Jeremiah 33:1-3 tells us.

In this video, we begin with looking at how we end up believing deceptions. And then… we get right into the Abrahamic covenant, whereby YaHuWaH entered into this covenant contract with Abraham. If you’re a believer who loves the Father very much and you do your very best to live a righteous life, it is highly likely within the DNA that makes up your body that you have the DNA of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  (Of course, those are what we call them in English. Their real names are ABRaHaM, YiTzCxaQ and Ya’AQoB. .beginning with the Abrahamic covenant, which has been hidden from and lost to us–covenants YaHuWaH made with our great great great….great great Grandaddy, Abraham. The enemy has been busy, and he does not want you to remember/discover who you are and what promises were made to your great great ……… great great Grandaddy Abraham, and what oaths and covenants/contracts were entered into on your behalf.

If you’re on a wide road, it’s time to take the road less traveled. In fact, time is running out to change your course. We’re searching through the Word of YaHuWaH in this part 2 video, and continuing to examine the covenants he made with our ancestors, beginning with the first covenant of YaHuWaH. 

If you seek truth, not the collaborative cover up, get yourself a restored Name Scriptures, and get to studying. The odds are it does not say what your pastors told you. You should study, among other things, what YaHuWaH says about His Name, the covenants made, what happened when YaHuWaH brought the people out of Egypt and presented them with the ToWRaH, what they promised to keep, who they committed to keep it (remember… if you love the Father, and His Son, and if you have the fruit of a righteous person in your life/off your ‘tree,’ these are your ancestors, and I can prove it in the Scriptures), the everlasting covenant, the calendar and appointments that YaHuWaH said to keep, what paganism YaHuWaH said to not take part in, the way to tell a false prophet or teacher,the children of ABRaHaM, YiTzCxaQ, and Ya’AQoB, the 12 tribes of Israel, and who they are today, the covenants made with those lost sheep of ‘Israel / ‘YaShaRAeL,’ who Yahushua came for (Matthew 15:24), what is the definition of sin, the day of YaHuWaH, and not to speak the names of false latter day mighty ones.

If you need any help studying these things, we can share what YaHuWaH has shown to us.

Please watch the video, now. Ask the Father to show you truth an bring you back to the ancient paths, to open your eyes that you may see, your ears that you may hear, and your heart that you may understand.  Study to show yourselves approved. And, thank you for your time, that we might share with you what the Father has compelled us to share. ShaLoWM.


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