omer-france-peace-agreement-and-comet-man-of-perdition3 bible code

The “Omer, France” Bible Code – Shocking Bible Code reveals: United Nations dividing Israel, in Dec. 2016. Comet will be judgment!!!

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[Editor’s note: This article about the Omer, France bible code table was written by one of our Bible Code School Apprentices Kara Pickering, who also discovered the table. Her website is:]

“Judgment To Hit Hard! Shocking Prophecy About France May Come To Pass As 2 Dozen Countries Come Together December 21st For Israeli Land Divide.”

I must admit,  after I read this article, I was skeptical…Extremely skeptical.

There are so many people out there, claiming to have received “divine revelation” from the Father. Many of these are False Prophets, with their words never coming to pass.  I believe that is Satan’s attempt to discredit, the Kingdom of Heaven…..Where people will get so tired of hearing falsehoods, that they will not heed the warning, from those who have truly heard from the Father.

As a Codesearcher Apprentice,  I desire truth. Truth that can only be offered through the Father and His “Word.” If this prophecy was true, it would surely be in the Bible Codes.

I fired up my Codesearching Software and got to work.

I sat and prayed to the Father for His guidance.  I thought about the article.  From a Codesearching standpoint…what “word-set” from the article, seemed the most improbable to show up in a Matrix?

What word or group of words, would be almost mathematically impossible?

“Omer, France”

“עמרצרפת”-Omer, France became my access term.  I didn’t even bother to separate them.  If this prophecy was true…. then all (7) letters would be there…….as statistically impossible as it was.

As I heard the computer humming and ticking, seemingly taking forever to run it’s search, I remember thinking…..

“This is stupid.”

“Why am I wasting my time?”

“Why is this computer taking it’s sweet-old-time?”

“You can’t possibly expect that to be in there.”

“Do you really even believe what this person is claiming is true anyhow?”

And then it happened….. The statistically impossible Axis Term, showed (5) potential matrices!  I was very surprised, but still skeptical…..

I picked the smallest skip there was…418….The absolute least likely to produce more code.  Then inputted some secondary terms:



They Apportion (Divide)

My Land


Kislev (December on the Civic Calendar for 2016)

All of them showed in the Matrix!

I couldn’t believe it………. my head was whirling inside.  Could it really be true?

Still skeptical, I picked another Matrix.  Skip: 9607

Just like before, I inputted the secondary terms…..

To my astonishment, it was all there.  Everything the woman in the article had claimed……..AND MORE!

omer-france-peace-agreement-and-comet-man-of-perdition3 bible code

Check out these terms in the Matrix:

Omer, France: Peace Agreement Matrix

Skip: 9607           Search Area: Num. 32:17 to 1 Sam. 29:4

Axis Term: Omer, France: עמרצרפת

Term List

עמר צרפת- “Omer, France” (DIIH, with ISA confirming “Omer,” Str. #H6016)

ישראל- “Israel”

חלקו- “They Apportion (Divide)” (ISA2: Joel 3:2- Str. #2505)

ארצי- “Land of Me” (ISA2: Joel 3:2-Str. #H776)

כסלו- “Kislev” (Hebrew month on Civil Calendar for December 2016) -source:

אובמה- “Obama” (Glazerson YouTube Archives, DIIH)

הסכמ- “Contract, Convention, Accord, Treaty, Agreement” (K2TB, DIIH)

השלום- “The Peace” (DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H7965)

אמנה- “Entente, Convention, Treaty” (DIIH, K2TB)

נתניהו- “Netanyahu” (DIIH, Google)

לכוד- “Trapped” (K2TB, DIIH)

שביט- “Comet” (DIIH, K2TB)

דין- “Judgment/Adjudication” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H1779)

מהדי- “Mahdi” (DIIH)

בהמה- “Beast” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H929)

הבהמה- “The Beast” (ISA2: Str. #H929)

גלוי- “Unmasked, Revealed, Unconcealed” (DIIH, K2TB)

מגלה- “To Reveal, to Discover” (DIIH, K2TB)

איש- “Man of” (DIIH, ISA2: Str. #H376, Gen.9:20)

חרמי- “Doom of Me/Destruction-(implied Perdition) (see: 1 Kings 20:42, Str.#H2764 compared to #G684)

שקרי- “False/Fraudulent” (DIIH, ISA2: root word- שקר, Str. #H8267)

משיח- “Messiah” (DIIH, K2TB)

האו ם- “The UN” (DIIH)-shortened version

Source Acronyms:


“K2TB”- Keys to the Bible Program

“ISA2”- Interlinear Scripture Analyzer2

I’m not saying that this has to happen.  I’m just letting you know that it is encoded.

Brothers and Sisters, pray for Israel!  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.  We certainly live in unparalleled times!

What does the Bible say about Dividing YHWH’s land?

“…I shall gather all gentiles, and bring them down to the Valley of Yehoshaphat. And I shall enter into judgment with them there for My people, My inheritance Yisra’ĕl, whom they have scattered among the gentiles, and they have divided up My land.” -Joel 3:2

Here is a link to the article, that inspired the search.  I encourage you to read it for yourself!

Please also see a very important post: “Temple Mount Connected to New Madrid, Yellowstone and Cascadia Subduction Zone.”-  Will America suffer the same fate that Ancient Babylon did in 539 BC?


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  • Paul James Hansen says:

    Well done Kara, Daughter of El Elyon! Bless you.

    Pray the Ruach Ha’ Kodesh would show you the Axis Term “Meat in Due Season” ELS width 7618. (Scriptures Leviticus 23 & 1 Samuel 20)
    You will find an astonishing number (>24) of “Vertical” Codes around this Axis Term.
    This Axis term is critical in revealing and understanding the “Man Child Company” (144,000) which the Woman (Israel-Church) gives birth too in Rev.12 and the dragon or “beast” seeking too identify and “devour them”. He fails but will be given his “meat in due season” by YHWH.
    It’s in understanding this Scriptures ELS codes that YHWH will shed His divine light on “how” the beast identifies the Saints in the first 1260 days and then is able to “wear the Saints down” (Daniel 7:25-27) in the second half (Great Tribulation- Jacobs Trouble) which is the Times, Time and a Half of Time of Rev.12.
    This critical “Pivot” of the Two Time frames is just after the 7th Angel Trumpet sounds the finished Mystery of YHWH (Rev.10 & Rev.11:15-19), and there is “TIME NO LONGER”.
    If YHWH had not cut these days short, no flesh would Survive.
    The dragon (beast) will use the passing of the Dark Star Niburu (which will turn the earth upside down and cause the Sun to go down at midday) and the “Large Hadron Collider” in CERN, to open an “abyss” here on earth (black hole) and attempt to try and “change” the Times & Seasons.
    The LHC is the “mischievous device” King David prophetically spoke of in Psalm 21. They will try take the “entire earth” back in time, three and a half years, in an attempt to emulate YHWH as Alpha and Omega.
    This is what they are planning in the LHC (to bend Space and Time around the whole earth) and to “understand” Quantum Physics and try “contain and measure” all known “G_D” (YHWH) Particles in the Quantum Physics world of Sub-Atomic particles.
    Thankfully Kara these dark days ahead in Jacobs Trouble, of the adversary and all his fallen angels trying to escape by going “back” in time, are shortened to a “Times, Time and a Half of Time”.
    Be encouraged Kara, that we SHALL Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of His Testimony which He has Written in our Hearts. Glory forever more to YaHuWaH, YeHoshuWaH Ha’ Mashiach. Bless His Holy Name and Bless you Kara and all He has Chosen you too accomplish for Him, who Was and Is and Is to Come! Hallelujah 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Didn’t Obama say, “they will know how much I love them”, to the Muslims? I think I remember him saying this.

  • Alamo Girl says:

    Did anyone notice that the path of the “CRACK” that is mentioned in this link ( follows the path of the coming August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse to a tee?
    See the path of the eclipse here:

    All those futuristic maps predicted by Edgar Cayce, The US Navy, Gordon Scallion and others, may have missed the mark!
    Jonathan and Darla……could the code school class investigate this similarity in phenomena?
    Things that make you go hmmmmm…… I’ll be waiting to see if you find anything.

  • Alamo Girl says:

    Sorry for the secondary comment, but if you want to see “the crack”, look here:

    Also, here is another link on the validity of the crack with a map:

    Another interesting point is that the “other” map no one considers is the former Mesozoic period with its immense “Western Interior Seaway.” Look at it in the link below:….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.15.1030…0j0i30k1j0i10i30k1.UTrjIR2uGrc#imgrc=qK8eLpg2akJF9M%3A

    How wide will the new Gulf of America be?

  • Houston says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m comparing the code with Codefinder and the Aleph-Bet spelling you used is extremely useful.

    So far I can absolutely confirm the Axis Term Omer, France shows as a skip of -9607 with the ayin located in Judges 9:45 and the taw located in Deuteronomy 34:11.

    I’ll add the other search terms to get a comparison matrix. Fascinating so far.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Yes, we agree. Kara is doing a great job with her training program. HaLeLuW YaH!! HaLeLuW ET-ShaeM YaHuWaH!!

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Yes, Houston, Kara is doing an amazing job serving the Father with such a pure heart and willingness to do all that He asks of her. She is such a wonderful sister, so encouraging to all the other Apprentices. I believe she has touched all of our lives in such a special way. Great job, Kara!! WE love you so much!! You’re rays of sunshine to our Apprentices being trained up in the Father’s Word and His way!!

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Yes, Kara might just be the one to look into this. If the Father leads her in that direction, she will do it. ShaLoWM.

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    Thank you for your insight and help, Alamo Girl. May you fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH has placed on your life. ShaLoWM

  • Darla MaKiYR says:

    I’m not sure. I would not be surprised. Thank you, Maria, for being a watchman for YaHuWaH’s people in these end times. May you fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH has placed on your life.

  • Colleen White says:

    I am so proud of my sweet sister Kara, great job, keep up the good work. We love you here at codesearcher.

  • Nancy says:

    Praise Yahuah! This is SO encouraging! This confirms what I’ve been understanding from what the Ruach HaChodesh has been teaching me. John Haller commented in a New Years Day prophecy update that the term in Hebrew for “make firm” the covenant also can be translated to “force” a covenant unwillingly onto Israel (Danial 9:27). This UN vote on Dec 23 and the upcoming France vote on Jan 15 could possibly be the “forcing” of such a covenant. Keep up the good work! This was a blessing to read/look at.

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