Revelation 12 Dragon

Bible Codes: Revelation 12’s Dragon, 5777

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Many believers are aware of the Revelation 12 prophecy about the woman, man child and the dragon. Kara, one of the Codesearcher School Apprentices, was inspired to work on this fascinating table:

Revelation 12 Dragon


Here’s the video Jonathan and Kara did together:

Dragon, 5777 Matrix

Skip:  6777                  Area: Psalm 113:9-Daniel 7:22                      Axis Term:  Dragon

“Dragon” found at: 

ד:  Job 8:5

ר:  Job 17:12

ק:  Job 28:10

ו:  Job 36:13

ן: Song of Solomon 2:13


List of Terms in Matrix

דרקון-                “Dragon”  (DIIH, K2TB, ISA, #G1404- Drakon, referenced in Rev.12:3)

נבירו-                  “Nibiru”- (Rabbi Glazerson)

התשעז-          “2017/2018

אישת-             “Woman” (K2TB, DIIH)  (also means “Wife”, in ISA Str. #H376) “Isha”

לרוצ-               “Flee, Escape” (K2TB)  “Run”  (ISA: Str. #H7323, DIIH)

נמלט-             “Flee, Escape” (DIIH)  “Runaway, Escape”  (K2TB)  “Escape”  (ISA)

תקות-             “Expectation of” (K2TB, ISA #H8615) “The gathering of the people” (ISA, see: #3349,

Gen. 49:10)

יהושע-            “Yahushua”  ( Matrix Archive) also translated as “Joshua”

הכלה-             “The Bride”  (DIIH, ISA: Root word Str. #3618)

כלה-                “Bride, Daughter-in-law”  (K2TB, ISA, see #H3618)

באפו-              “In his anger/In anger of him”  (ISA, #H639 see: Deut.29:23)

זעמ-                “Rage” (DIIH, K2TB)  “Wrath, indignation” (K2TB, ISA #H2195, Is. 26:20, Ps. 7:11)

שבט-              “Tribe” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA Str. #H7626 )  “Scepter/Rod”  (K2TB, ISA: Str. #H7626)

זעמ-               “Rage, Indigation, Anger, Menace”  (DIIH, ISA: Str. #2195)

אלפ-               “Thousand”  (K2TB, DIIH, ISA)

קמד-               “144” (Gematria Value)

שממה-           “Wilderness, Desolation”  (K2TB, DIIH, ISA Str. #H8074, 8076, 8077)

האות-             “The Sign, Signal” (K2TB, DIIH, ISA: Str. #H226)

קראי-              “Called ones of”–princes of the tribes in Nu.1:16, who were “numbered” in the wilderness of Sinai #H7148

עתצרה-        “Era of Distress (Trouble)”- (DIIH) (ISA: Str. #H6256, H6869- see Daniel 12:1)

יום צרה-       Day of Distress (Trouble)”– (ISA: Isaiah 37:3-Hezekiah)

ירוק-             “Green” (DIIH, K2TB, ISA: Str. #H3387)

מדבר-          “Wilderness, Desert”  (DIIH, K2TB, ISA: Str. #H4057)

רענה-             “Wormwood”  ( Matrix Archive)

כוכב-              “Star, Planet”  (K2TB, DIIH, ISA: Str. #H3556)

שביט-             “Comet”  (DIIH, K2TB)

אשה-              “Woman”  (DIIH,  ISA: Str. #H802)

השא-              “To Lure” (ISA:  Str. #H5377)

בתולה-           “Virgo/Virgin” (K2TB, DIIH)

ברכבו-            “In Chariot of Him” (ISA: Str. # H7393, root- “רכב”- chariot; also see Psalm 104:3)

אחר-               “After” (K2TB, ISA: Str. #H310; see Lev. 25:15, “after the Jubilee”)

היובל-             “The Jubilee” (2x)

Please note the following acronyms:

DIIH:    “”

K2TB:  “Keys To The Bible”

ISA:     “Interlinear Scripture Analyzer 2”


Disclaimer: Jonathan Wright-trained Codesearchers do not use the bible code tables for divination, fortune telling, prediction or prophecy. Our goal is to document what’s already there in the codes. Locating the words and phrases that the Father put there. We leave it up to others to derive the tables true meaning and interpretation.






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